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Hi All,

This blog post intends to let all of you know about an enhancement in consistency check of Business Adaptation Catalog (BAC) in 1911 in SAP Cloud Applications Studio. BAC is a part of Business Configuration (BC).


Consider the case when there is no BC View in previous patch and partner adds a BC View in current patch. Assuming partner has not added any content which is registered in BAC, there will be no change in BAC in current patch and previous patch. When we deploy previous patch and then go for deployment of current patch, BAC will not be activated due to delta logic (during deployment) of BAC.

The catch here is that BAC activation is required in this case. The explanation is as follows. When we add BC View for the first time in a solution, BAC adjustment does not happen at that moment (because of a check which skips this). So, when BAC activation is triggered subsequently, BAC adjustment finally happens which then updates relevant properties such as fine-tuning in runtime. Since the same does not happen during deployment in the above case, relevant flags are not updated.


The task here was to find an approach to resolve the problem considering the fact that this can be a rare scenario and the solution must be efficient enough which does not add to performance overhead.


We worked on multiple possible solutions to handle this corner case behavior. Based on complexity of approaches and considering that this is not a frequently happening case, it was concluded that consistency check of BAC will be enhanced by including a case where check throws an error when visibility fine-tuning is marked and there is no BC View in the solution.

In terms of solution design perspective, the intention of marking fine-tuning means partner wants to add fine-tuning data for which there must be atleast one BC view in the solution. This check will work perfectly for new solutions. For older solutions, partner will have to do adaptions accordingly (partner can unmark fine-tuning). Also, for deletion patch, this check will not be executed for now as no change can be done to BAC in this patch.


There will be an error during consistency check of BAC when visibility fine-tuning flag is marked and there is no BC view in the entire solution. Below screenshots highlights the behavior.

The messages properly describe what has to done in case check fails for this reason. Partner can do changes from their side and proceed ahead. I hope this explains the entire scenario.


Best Regards,





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