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Developers can create process extension scenarios and add them to elements of extension business objects via the [Scenario("Scenario1, Scenario2,..")] annotation. These extension scenarios can contain inbound services, outbound services or standard scenarios with process flows. The extension elements then are available in all the services, queries as well as other appearances.


For example, if you add an element to the Lead business object, you can use an extension scenario to make this element available in the inbound service for Lead – ManageLeadIn. So when a lead is created or updated using the ManageLeadIn service, even the extension fields can be updated.


The element should ideally be removed from the inbound service (on the service message structure or standard query etc.) when a scenario with an inbound service was dissociated from an element or an inbound service removed from a scenario associated to an element. However, prior to 1808, this was not the case and these dangling appearances would be left over.


With 1808 release, a fix was released which would identify such fields that have dangling references in the extension BO and would perform the cleanup. This change impacts the customers in the following manner and would require certain changes to the solution.


Impact for customers:

  1. If an extension business object is reactivated in 1808 release, all these dangling appearances would be cleaned up.

  2. In case the customer was actually referring to these dangling references (for example using the extension element in a standard query) in script files they would get following error as these appearances would now have been cleaned up.

  3. If these fields are also being used on a UI screen (which is anyway incorrect), end users will face a UI dump. Customers can first check if there are references to fields where extension scenario was assigned but later removed.

  4. However, to minimize impact for customers, this cleanup would only be restricted to solutions which are NOT in status Deployed. Therefore, mostly solution which are status 'In Development' would be affected.

Action required by customers: Assign the process extension scenario with the required inbound service back to the element in the extension business object and re-activate.