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Developer Advocate
SAP Process Automation

SAP AppGyver

I've seen many a 100-day challenge – for art, music, health, even programming. It's a cool idea, since starting to learn something or change your life is kind of easy, but seeing it through is hard.

So since SAP Low-Code No-Code is the featured topic for May in the SAP Community, I've started my own #100DaysOfSAPLowNoCode challenge.

By the end of those 100 days I hope to be, and help you to be, what I call "proficient" in the following low- and no-code tools:

  • SAP AppGyver

  • SAP Process Automation

    • Workflows

    • Automations

  • SAP Work Zone

  • SAP Business Application Studio for low-code

You are welcome to follow my journey (daniel.wroblewski), via occasional blogs and tweets, as well as to start your own journey through SAP's low- and no-code tools. If you do undertake a journey, please tweet or blog your activities with hashtag #100DaysOfSAPLowNoCode.

I will make it my business to learn at least 1 hour a day and to report in, but there may be days (like the sabbath or holidays, or after a long doubleheader) where I will not be able to.

My perspective

I little about me and what I try to add to the discussion:

  • I try to break down a topic (a tool in this case) and understand its parts, and why it's designed the way it is (a childhood of disassembled gadgets like Mattel Electronic Football or early TV remote controls is testament to this).

  • At the same time, I need to see the big picture, and how those parts work together to make it up.

  • And finally, I want to help see how the parts fit together, show hidden features, talk honestly about the product, and provide tips and tricks that you might not find elsewhere.

I hope to also better understand how the tools work in classic SAP scenarios, and will try to focus on those areas later in the summer, as additional integration features are added.

Day #1

They say every journey starts ... well, you know. So here I am on Day 1. I went to the SAP AppGyver page and created an account.

Since we are just starting to learn, we are using the community edition.

You can also use the SAP AppGyver edition in SAP Business Technology Platform, which will have additional features (e.g., SAP BTP destinations for connecting to backends), and we will show how to work with that version, soon. But if you can't wait to learn more, you can check out the documentation on this version.

The AppGyver site has a nice documentation set (with short topics with images) and blogs, including spotlight on what people have built with the AppGyver. But key is the AppGyver Academy (nice alliteration), with 3 sets of videos. The videos generally are only a few minutes long and clearly show you how to get things done.

There are about 100 in total:

  • On-boarding videos (quick start)

  • Core lessons videos (beginner)

  • Power-up videos (intermediate)

If you want to speed ahead of me, there are some nice YouTube videos. Here are just a few:

And 2 other places to check out, if you're ready:

My initial project

To better learn the parts of AppGyver, I will create an app that lets me search for baseball players by name, and also find the leaders in various statistic categories.

I will create a page to search for players name, another page for displaying the stat leaders, and a to display a single player at a time.

There are several MLB APIs, and I may use a combination, but I will start with the MLB Data API.

There are many operations, like opening a different page, that require you to save your work on the previous page. This I find clunky (even if it might be necessary), as I find myself many, many times trying to do something, and the tool showing a notification that I have to save. I've been using the tool for a while and still am not used to it.

OK, so I got started.

I created a new app:

By default I get an empty page. I can change the configuration of the current page or create additional pages by clicking on the name of the current page I am working on:

Then I created the 3 pages:

Next time

I will add the data source, and create a quick UI for viewing the player. In addition, I will load the preview application on my phone so I can see how my app looks.

You can go all-in on all the low-code, no-code tools and take the 18-hour, 8-unit low-code, no-code learning journey (SAP AppGyver, SAP Process Automation, SAP Work Zone) – and it includes a certification exam, if you are interested (fee) – which is part of the new SAP Learning.