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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert

     A simple Android Native Application Development



Dear All,


This document illustrates the procedure to create a simple android based sup native application.

I am sure you must have checked the same at infocenter. My objective of writing this document is to bring all the points altogether at same place.


Tools used in developing the application are:

SUP version: 2.2 SP04,

Android Development Tool Kit 22.0.1,

Android SDK


1. Download SUP101 MBO project (with complete files) from

2. Import the same project in mobile sdk and deploy to SUP server. (make sure you are connected to My sample database and sup server)

3. Generate the Java Object API code.

  •      Under third party jar file, select .jar file from SDK path


4. After step 3, there are two apporaches to develop android application. Either you can add ADT plugin in sybase mobile sdk itself OR you can use Eclipse Junos to build the application seperately. Here i am preferring first apporach because running two eclipses on same machine eat more RAM.

Installing ADT in Sybase mobile SDK

  • Open sybase mobile SDK. Go to Help Menu>Install New Software

  • If you have ADT plugin setup on your machine, then you can do following:

    • Click on Add

    • Name: ADT

    • Location: click on Archive go to the ADT Zip file location.


    •     Select both Developer tools and NDK plugins


  • If you don't have the setup file, it can be downloaded through internet.

5. Go to Window>preferences

    •    browse to the SDK path in SDK location.

6.  Creating the Android Project:



  • Select File>New>Project

  • then select Android>Android Application Project and then click Next




  • give the package name as metioned below. then click next.



  • At the last screen, Blank Activity mention below details and click on Finish.



7. Next task is to add compiler and library resources


  • go to SUP_HOME\UnwiredPlatform\MobileSDK22\ObjectAPI\Android

  • Copy armeabi folder, AfariaSLL.jar, ClientLib.jar, sup-client.jar, UltraLiteJN12.jar


  • Paste above all files and folder to the SUP101Android>libs in sybase workspace


  • Right click SUP101Android project in workspace, select properties>Jave Build Path>Libraries>Add JARs

  • In the JAR Selection window, expand the SUP101Android\libs folder and select AfariaSSL.jar, ClientLib.jar, sup-client.jar, and UltraLiteJNI12.jar.



8.  Copying Generated code Object API files:


  • From the workspace navigator, under SUP101 project.... copy com folder in \Generated Code\Android\src\



  • Paste this folder in the src directory of SUP101Android Project.


9. UI Creation:


  • You must have downloaded SUP101 Android project from above mentioned link. Go to that path copy these jave files:,, and

  • Expand SUP101Android, paste the copied java files, copying over any existing files to src\com\mycorp\sup101\android\app in WorkSpace navigator


  • Open file and modify the host ip address (sup server machine address) and verify sup username and password.

  • Again go to the Android project path (downloaded one), copy layout XML files: customer.xml, detail.xml, and main.xml

  • Expand SUP101Android project in workspace navigator, go to res/layout, paste the copied XML files, copying over any existing files.


10. Launch the emulator by right clicking SUP101Android>Run As>Android Application


The application activation (on boarding) image indicates that the application is registering data from Unwired Server



  • When the synchronization is done, this application shows the SUP101Android application with a list of customer data in a ListView control. You can scroll through the customer list to see more data and to make changes. The data loads from the database on demand.








I hope it will help you to understand basic flow of SUP native app on Android.

Your comments and suggestions are most welcome.