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For quite some time I was planning to build a SAP Lumira visual extension which could show various KPIs in a single screen, with an option to zoom in and zoom out to particular sections. Yes, similar to what Prezi does.

This is my attempt to mimic a Prezi like presentation in Lumira and a demonstration of great flexibility provided by SAP Lumira.


I started with following eCommerce website sales data and finalized which KPIs to show. It contains information about items sold through eCommerce website for a period of 4 years.

I decided on following KPIs:

  • Total Sales
    • Sales trend by date
    • Sales by year
    • Sales by customer segments
  • Products
    • Sold quantity by product category
    • Top 15 products sold (by sale value)
    • Sales trend by product categories
  • Orders
    • Orders by order priority
    • Orders trend by date
  • Location
    • Sale by region and province
    • Sale by region and province - tree view
    • Sale by province
  • Profit
    • Profit by product category
    • Profit by year
  • Customers
    • Customers by segments
    • Top customers by sales
  • Deliveries
    • Deliveries by shipment type (quantity and value)

Once I had data and KPIs ready, I started working on the right representation for each KPI. The most difficult part was to decide which chart or visual representation fits to given KPI. Here is the final design:

After design was finalized I started working on the development of individual sections and subsections. Finally I added zoom in and zoom out feature.

You can click on any section or subsection to zoom to that area and click outside that section to zoom out. It supports 2 levels of zooming, see below how it looks with zoom:

First level zoom

Second level zoom

First level zoom

It can rotate while zooming as well 😉 (this is fun, see table Top 15 Products)

You might have noticed a play and stop button which enables you to run this dashboard in "autopilot mode". Just have to configure your play sequence and it will run through sections (zoom in and out) automatically. It can be paused, stopped and resumed too.

You need to check the following video to see it working. I had fun developing it, hope you enjoy.

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