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Today’s fast-growing enterprises demand new ways to transform the human experience and digitize HR operations. The key differentiators in this digital-first era are resiliency, agility, and adaptability driven by an anytime, anyplace workforce. While companies strive to maximize the abilities of their existing workforce and hire the best talent, the longer it takes to fill a position, the higher the impact on business and the cost. Manual HR processes are repetitive and inefficient, prolonging results.

Critical to an organization's success, enterprises adopt technology to empower their HR teams, and allow them to focus on employee-centric initiatives and business-critical functions. With progressive policies increasing significantly, making HR jobs more difficult, the investment in technology is only becoming paramount.

According to Gartner, as AI increasingly proves its worth in transforming HR function’s efficiency and performance, investments in AI will increase.  Gartner’s survey also found that 47% of HR leaders will increase their AI investments while 51% will maintain them. Many use cases already show proven results --- 56% of those surveyed are further automating repetitive or manual tasks

Technologies such as cloud, virtual assistants, robotic process automation, artificial intelligence (AI), etc. play a vital role in reshaping existing business models and organizational culture. SAP, a leader in cloud-based ERP solutions also enables process automation, combining Intelligent Robotic Process Automation (SAP Intelligent RPA), SAP Conversational AI (CAI), and SAP AI Business services via its Business and Technology Platform (BTP).

Check out the use case below, featuring a global healthcare company offering medical facilities and services.

Smarter hiring process make onboarding faster and more efficient

A global healthcare company needed to quickly hire medical staff to meet the growing – not to mention urgent -- demands. If this didn’t happen, the company risked disruption in patient care service – meaning patients’ lives could be at stake. There would also be negative impacts on brand and revenue growth.

It was vital the company also ensure new employees hold requisite certifications and have specific professional experience. But the manual process of shortlisting and evaluating every application would have taken ages.

Enter the smart companion (intelligent bot), which automated all process steps -- from candidate shortlisting to interview scheduling. The smart hiring process was automated using SAP Intelligent Technologies - SAP Intelligent RPA and SAP AI business services. Today, the process runs like a well-oiled machine: the smart bot fetches open requirements from ERP or non-ERP applications and scans the pool of candidate profiles. It then applies advanced algorithms to score the best-matched profiles based on relevant skills, experience, certificates, etc. It also has the flexibility to set the threshold for % profile score. The top-scored profiles get tagged to job requisition, a notification goes to the hiring manager via email, and an interview is scheduled with the candidate. With this automation, won’t spend months shortlisting candidates from a pile of applications or manually tagging them to job requisitions, sending out email notifications, and scheduling interviews.

To summarize:

SAP Intelligent Technologies not only automates end-to-end processes across SAP SuccessFactors and other legacy or non-ERP applications, but also helps free the workforce from mundane, time-consuming tasks which are often error-prone. This further empowers them to ignite innovation and to focus on workforce centric transformation initiatives. This ultimately provides a superior experience and enhances business value – not to mention enables long-term relationships with all stakeholders.  The proof? 10x faster employee onboarding, 100% scalable through peak times, and a time saving of up to 40% of your HR professionals' time. Automation also enhances process accuracy and consistency, leading to better hiring decisions.

TCS provides Hyperautomation services that enable superior human experience through AI-driven smart companions (intelligent bots) - TCS Intelligent SAP Assistant (TISA) & TCS Intelligent Enterprise Assistant (TIEA). These are built on SAP BTP leveraging SAP Conversational AI, SAP Intelligent RPA, Machine Learning, and AI Business Services for transforming and automating end-to-end business processes across industries.

Learn more about industry use cases transforming finance, supply chain, customer experience, and human experience with SAP Business Technology Platform.

TCS SAP Hyperautomation Team

I would like to thank and appreciate the contribution of my colleagues parthchoksia_bankerhrshjrwl, and priyank14.
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