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Dear Community, a few months ago mamikee and I made this video about "Should I learn ABAP?". It was really a great discussion for both of us and I hope it will benefit you as well.

Given celebrations such as Devtoberfest, a festival that also deals with ABAP, I think this is a good moment to take a closer look at the personal development opportunities through learning ABAP.

If you are interested in Devtoberfest, please make sure to check out this blog by thomas.jung (great video included!).

Data and processes 💻

The business and IT world is increasingly data-driven. Data, in turn, needs processes in order to be maintained and put into action. Developing trusted insights, governance, planning, and analysis is very important. For example, you need supplier master data in order to be able to communicate with suppliers electronically and, above all, automatically.

This is where ABAP comes into play. ABAP is closely linked to its runtime environment. For example, the SAP NetWeaver ABAP stack. This stack, in turn, is closely anchored in a large number of SAP software products that play a central role in business processes worldwide.

So as an ABAP developer, you automatically come into constant contact with data and processes. You learn from the existing data models, for example which data is important for modelling a sales order. With this experience, you finally start to develop your own data models and the associated business processes.

Your own understanding of the representation of reality in IT systems will grow immensely over the years. At the same time, your respect for what others have created increases exponentially.

Endless possibilities

As an ABAP developer, you have the possibility to understand the working of the standard applications in SAP software down to the last detail. In addition, many standard applications can be extensively adapted to your own needs and you can even develop your own applications to implement entirely new business processes.

In other words, you have an incredible amount of freedom and opportunity. What sounds so self-evident is not so self-evident in the rest of the IT world and is therefore a great advantage for ABAP developers in order to develop your own abilities and provide tangible value and impact.

Smooth start - made for you 🌱

Getting started with ABAP is easier than ever. There is free access to the Integrated development environment (IDE) and runtime environment, plus a wealth of tutorials. If you decide to start with ABAP, you don't have to ask yourself when to do it: you can get started right away!

SAP Community is looking forward to you 🧑‍🤝‍🧑

As you read this blog, you are already in the middle of the SAP community. The SAP community has many faces and welcomes you with open arms. Blogs and tutorials on a wide range of topics are published online, there is top support in the questions and answers area and excellent opportunities for connecting, networking, sharing and collaborating with others in groups.

The community provides a large number of events and activities such as the SAP Stammtische and SAP Inside Tracks.

Your ticket, your career 🎫

SAP has many well-known companies as customers worldwide. A lot of them use SAP software based on ABAP. The need for technically well-qualified ABAP developers who can help shape the future of these companies is correspondingly high. This need for talent is also regularly remunerated very well, i.e. you can earn a living.

In addition to employment with SAP customers, there are also a large number of consulting and development partners around the globe that support SAP customers. They have also a variety of jobs to offer.

Personal words at the end 😀

Still unsure whether you should learn ABAP? Finally, a very personal statement from me. If I had to make the decision again to build my career around ABAP and SAP software, my answer would be a clear "Yes!"...


Best regards, thanks for reading and stay healthy



P. S.: Do you want to get started with ABAP right away? SAP Community Code Challenge is running. Topic is "Dive Into The Basics of ABAP!". Perfect to start...

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