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I was approved to be part of the Beta program to test out Zen, the Premium Alternative to BEx Web Application Designer.  Zen is also known as "Analysis, Edition for Application Design".  The first step before trying the software, is to install it.

When downloading the Zen software from Service Marketplace, the .ZIP file is about 130 MB compressed. For Zen “design time”, you must have Internet Explorer 9 installed.  If you do not, you get this message:

You cannot proceed and therefore must install Internet Explorer 9. 

SAP says:

"Internet Explorer 9 is required as the browser that is used embedded in the AAD design tool.  Additional browsers can be installed to execute AAD applications locallly: Firefox 4 and Safari are supported, and there are no known issues with Chrome. Some runtime features (like pagebook transition effects) are dependent on the browser, especially for iPad application design it is advised to install Safari."

After that installing IE9, you can begin installation again.

Step 1

After extracting the file, you will select SapAAD-Beta-x86-Setup.exe executable to install.  You tell it which directory you want it to be installed and then click Next.

Step 2:

After closing all SAP applications, and clicking Next from Step 1, the following screen appears:

Select Analysis, edition for application design, review the information on the right, and click Next.

Step 3:  Specify directory for installation

Click Next

Step 4: Installation starts, and very quickly it finishes

Close this screen.

Final Step: Launch Analysis for Application Design from your menu.

I will try to blog as I learn more about this tool. 

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