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And so it happened that we got asked how the integration between SAP Enable Now and our beloved SAP Signavio might look like.

But let's start with some fundamentals that we have to address first:

  • What is SAP Signavio?

  • What is SAP Enable Now?

  • Why would you want an integration between these two tools?

  • How was our experience with the integration?

SAP Signavio

Here at Syntax Systems, we use the SAP Signavio business transformation suite to transform business processes by modeling, analyzing, optimizing, and executing them using a single platform.

This platform is built modular, with modules focusing on Process Management, Collaboration, Governance and even Intelligence.

What we consider one of the suite’s core benefits are the built-in tools that help discover abnormalities and unusual process paths and enhance compliance through auto-conformity analysis. The direct current and future state comparison allows us to make better decisions and identify optimal processes.

SAP Enable Now

SAP Enable Now is a platform which enables companies to create their own training
content and provides space for interaction between learners and learning content.
Although it can do much more, we put our focus on the e-learning part, which enables the creation of Learning Journeys, Learning Videos and all kind of content in different formats. Highlights that we identified:

  • The use of template-based designs that allow you to standardize trainings

  • The possibility to access trainings from mobile device

  • The use of subtitles, text-to-speech audio, rich media formats, and many more functions

  • The possibility to provide feedback

Based on our experience some functionalities were very intuitive and self-explaining, while others need further time invest. Easy to learn, hard to master might come to mind. We think that it can be very fun working with it in a professional way if your company wants to improve learning journey for employees.

Integration between SAP Signavio and SAP Enable Now

Prior to and following a business transformation, it is critical to have the process information available to employees. While Signavio can be used to document and manage process information, SAP Enable Now can be used to develop detailed contents explaining processes. The integration of two solutions allows the process information, created in Signavio, to be accessed in SAP Enable Now. It also allows to attach detailed process information to the steps of the process in SAP Enable Now and synchronize into Signavio. Therefore, end users have access to process contents in both solutions. The integration provides a training solution to train and support employees.

The steps to integration are:

  1. Business process structures are created in Signavio

  2. Synchronize business process structure

  3. Add content to process steps

  4. Upload content to SAP Signavio

  5. Roll-out business processes including documentation


Integration Steps

There is a lot of value added if you connect these two systems and you can jump from a process into the correspondent training and the other way around. Still there is a time invest in providing high quality trainings, similar to the effort used for really good documentation. Time will tell how easy it is to ensure a proper life cycle management for trainings provided.


The integration combines business process information and training content, and enables the users of both system to access the content developed in the other system. In a nutshell, this integration is all about providing easy access to information whenever needed. This is clearly a win-win situation.

If you have any feedback or are interested in more information, please write a comment.

Special thanks to my colleagues edith_ardelean and rada.sereseanu for co-working on this blog post.
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