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This document is intended for users who want to use XML as source input for Dashboards. This details the process to convert excel sheets to XML.

  1. Open the excel source data and delete all rows above the desired range. The first row of the excel sheet should be the column header and below that, the data.
  2. Replace all BLANK cells within the range with a value. In your XLF file, you can replace that value with BLANK's by means for formulas to display BLANK's as in the source. Below are the steps to Replace BLANK with a value, say 0,000.
  3.   Click on a blank cell
  4.   Press Ctrl+G
  5.   In the Go To wizard, click on Special and Select Blanks
  6.   Click Ok
  7.   Type 0,000
  8.   Click Ctrl+Enter.

Now there are no blank cells in the excel sheet. Save this sheet.

  3.  On the Menu bar, click on Add-Ins->XML Tools->Convert a range to an XML list. Click and drag the range. Click Ok on the wizard and on the next         wizard,click Use existing formatting. Continue this for all the wizards. 

  4.  Click on Developer, Export and then export this to an XML file.

  5.  This XML source file can then be used as a source for your Dashboard.

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