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WTA Finals was held in Singapore for the first time from 17-26 October 2014. SAP was one of the sponsors. At the same time, Data Geek III : Thrones of Data was happening. NTT DATA Business Solutions Singapore took up the challenge to promote SAP Lumira. Given a very short timeline and very limited amount of data, we came up with a Story Board titled ‘ Top 30 WTA Players Analysis’ (data accurate as of 13 October 2014). The URL link for public access can be found in the following hyperlink:

Here is how we did it.

We knew that we had to get more data to make the analysis more meaningful. Since it is for WTA Finals, we went to to get the data.

Thankfully, SAP Lumira allows ‘Copy from Clipboard’ as one of the data source. This really made it easier.

We manipulated the data to extract the first name, last name of the player. We created time and geo hierarchy within couple of clicks. We also added calculated measures such as Age, Points/Tournament and Age Intervals from the limited data.

We then combined the data from the internet and the dataset we already had in Excel.

Did I mention that no scripting was involved in data preparation? Well, just to emphasize: No scripts were written during in the entire process of data preparation.

Now that the data preparation has been completed, it was time to start creating Visualization.

Creating visualizations were very easy, just click, drag and drop required. Even the titles were created automatically by Lumira.

Finally came the fun part : To assemble it all into an interactive Story Board. Combined with the images taken from WTA Tennis website and Pictogram provided by SAP Lumira, creation of Story Board in SAP Lumira was a piece of cake.

We took the challenge AND had fun. How about you?

For more information, please contact

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