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Dear all,

As part of my first steps with Design Studio I implemented two useful extensions a while ago. Now, I would like to seize the opportunity to raise awareness throughout the community by posting a short entry about their features.

Customizable IFrame

My IFrame component enables you to enrich your Design Studio App with arbitrary web content. It provides a container with default scroll bars and the necessary properties to put in a source URL as well as a custom CSS to shape it according to your specific needs.

Figure 1: IFrame Design Studio view, ConVista example

NewsfeedReader (RSS) using XSLT

The Reader component is capable of displaying every RSS feed you desire. Just specify the source URL and, if you want to, the URL of your style sheet (XSL) for the XSLT processor to extract the transformation rules from. The extension provides a default style sheet for XML-like RSS documents. For reasons of simplicity and easy maintenance, the browser’s internal XSLT engine is used. All current browsers (Chrome, Firefox, IE 10 and 11, Opera and Safari) support it by default. Older versions of IE have not been tested yet. Feel free to do so and inform me of any issues. Please note that external XSL files have to reside under the same domain by design at the moment. Only the feed document will be downloaded from elsewhere. If manipulating the appearance by using CSS isn’t enough for your needs, just modify my default XSL.

Custom CSS files can be applied using the property "Custom CSS URL". (example url: http://localhost:57003/aad/zen/mimes/YOUR_APP_NAME/test.css)

Figure 2: NewsfeedReader Design Studio view, EEX example

Components can be installed as usual. Just download the ZIP file from my GitHub repository. Source code is available on GitHub too:

RSS feed reader is now also available on the SCN community SDK repository! IFrame has been merged with EmbeddedFrame.

See SCN Design Studio SDK Development Community

Let me know what you guys think, and feel free to ask lots of follow-up questions if you like to make use of my component or just talk about Design Studio’s awesomeness.



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