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  Below we will see, how we can create an OLTP connection using a non-SAP data source and publish it to repository.

1)      1) First create a .mdb or .accdb file which will be used as the source file.

2)      2) Then create a DSN – ODBC Data source based on mdb file. In Run, type ODBC and select ODBC Data source administrator. Click Add.


1)      3) Select Microsoft access driver and click finish.



E          4) Enter the data source name and click Select.




          5 ) Here locate your file from your computer and click OK. Your data source has been created.



          6) Now Open Information designer tool and create a new session.

          7) After creating a session, create a new project. Give a project name and click Finish.


             😎 After creating the project, create a relational connection. Right click on the project, select New and select Relational connection.



               9) Give the name of relational connection and select MS Access 2007 ODBC Drivers and click Next. On the next screen Test conection and click Finish.





                    10) The relational connection is created and the screen will look like this.



               11) After that, we need to publish the connection to Repository. Right click on the .cnx file and click Publick connection to a repository.

                     Follow the steps and click Finish.





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