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This blog post describes an analytic application template I had developed for Workforce planning.

About the App:

This application provides the planning templates for Workforce - Headcount Planning and Cost Planning. Various data action processes are created to support required data acquisition and calculations.

In Headcount planning, the planning template supports planning new hires/ recruitment and plan retires and also analyze headcount across different dimensions.

In Cost planning, the planning template supports cost calculation from the salary structure of the previous year, perform increment, calculate increment for existing employees and calculate total expense excluding cost due to retirements.


Headcount Planning Application

The Actuals are acquired for planning from the historical actual values by running the 'Prepare Actuals' Data Action.

Plan Recruitment
 by selecting job family, number of hires, and period of joining.
The Overwrite option overwrites the value in that period and the Increase option increases the existing value by the newly selected value.

Plan Attrition by selecting a job, number, and period of leaving.

Analyze planned headcount after calculating using the defined data action process 'Prepare Plan'.

Cost Planning Application

Prepare Actuals for planning from the historical values by running 'Prepare Actuals' Data Action.

Calculate Cost Calculation for Existing Headcount, New HIre headcount, and retiring headcount by running the Prepare Plan Data Action.

Plan Salary Increment by using the 'Plan Increment' interface to change increment salary for the planned year. Different calculation logics have been considered here.
Basic Pay is increased by %.
Housing allowance is derived from Basic.
Medical and Transport and direct values for each month.

Select the period from which increment needs to be considered.

Preview the incremented values by selecting the Preview option.

Calculate cost after increment by running the 'Process Increment' Data Action.
Analyze and compare before and after increment wages and cost across different dimensions, new hire cost, retirement cost, etc.

The above application template can be enhanced by including more dimensions to plan on a more granular level or switch the job as grade dimension and different calculation and allocation logic.

Other features included in this application are as follows:

  • Customized Planning Screens for easy navigation and planning.

  • Process calculations for headcount and employee cost using Data Action Triggers.

  • Data Validation at various levels to avoid incorrect values to the model. Edit table directly using edit/view buttons.

  • Numerous Analysis possibilities for different scenarios. i.e., Hires and Attritions, New Hire Expense, Attrition Cost, Salary Before and After Increment, Salary Structure comparison, Year wise expense comparison.

  • Export Application to PDF file.

  • Export Planned Data to Excel file.

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