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Hi All,

To have overall understanding of SAP Business Workflow, please refer the below link.

Very common Problem :

Error 1. Output Device "" Not Known :

While you tring to generate Background job for any of the workflow activity.

You will get error : Output device "" not known

Resolution : Assign a valid printer to WF-BATCH user --> SU01 (Security/Basis team can help you).

Error 2 - Work item -: Background job SWWCOND cannot be scheduled (Error)

Resolution :

Assign SAP_ALL and SAP_NEW profile to user WF-BATCH. Then try to generate Background job.

1251255 - Authorizations for the system user (WF-BATCH) : This will help to expain, why we do require SAP_ALL and SAP_NEW access.

Thank You. I will add more error's resolution here only if I come across of them.

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