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Work Item Execution

  1. Synchronous Dialog Chain
    1. Allows User to execute several work items one after the other without returning to Inbox
    1. Set using "Advance with Dialog" flag in workflow  definition.
  2. Multiple Execution
    1. Agent can select a set of work items from inbox, and execute all of them together.
    2. Decision of 1st work item is copied applied to all work items.

Forwarding Work Items

  • Forwarding a work item to another agent removes it from all other agent's inbox.
  • If the receiving agent "replaces" the work item, it will re-appear in all original agent's inbox, AND will also be in the agent's inbox to whome it was forwarded. In other words, the list of agents is modified when forwarding.
  • Forwarding can be configured in individual task. Following options exist
    • Work Item cannot be forwarded
    • Work Item can be forwarded to anyone.
    • Work Item can be forwarded only to possible agents.
  • Example scenario where forwarding may be useful
    • Change in position of an agent, and handing over remaining work to whoever is replacing
    • Agent determination is incorrect/failed.

Work Item Priority (In Inbox)

  • The priority only affects the sorting order in inbox.
  • Priority = 1, is the highest priority. If an agent gets a work item with Priority = "1", then a popup message is displayed if they are logged into SAP GUI, irrespective of which transaction they are in.

Work Item Re-Submission

  • If an agent does not want to handle a work item immediately, they can "Re-Submit" for a later time. Work items that are re-submitted are removed from the agent's inbox, and will be held in "Resubmit" queue.
  • When the re-submit time comes, it pops back in the agent's inbox.

Workflow Logs  

  • Technical log is the most detailed workflow log, and should be heavily used during development.
  • For average agent, there are mainly 3 kinds of logs:
    • Chronological View
      • Displays non-technical steps
    • Agent-Oriented View
      • Displays which agent worked on what, in the entire workflow execution.
    • Object Oriented View
      • Displays list of objects involved in the process.
      • Eg: Business Objects, Attachments..etc.

Work Item Delivery Strategies

  • Email Notification
    • Provided using report : RSWUWFML
    • Periodically polls work items.
  • Groupware Integration
  • Portal Integration
    • Can use workflow "iView" which has following features
      • Simple UI
      • Auto refresh in 10 mins
      • Display work items from all SAP components.
  • External Users

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