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Primer: - Notification should trigger to outside MAIL after 1 day of Task in WORKFLOW TRIGGERS.

Challenge: - There are many documents available to trigger Notification by configuring SWNCONFIG/SWNADMIN but challenge here is to trigger Notification to users which are not in user decision step with new subject line 'Pending approval' and notifying new senior users of Pending approval status.

Prerequisite: -

  • Configuration of triggering Workflow.

  • SWNCONFIG/SWNADMIN configuration for Notification.

  • SCOT configuration and relevant services of notifiation in 'SICF'.



Here, we are using standard Business Partner Workflow WS20000263. It is triggering mail of Business Partner changes to user for approval.

Now in Workflow WS20000263 set Latest End of 1 Day for user decision step Task 'TS20000472' and Node '000091' as shown below.

Above step will model new Outcome as 'NOTIFICATION IN MAIL' as shown below.

Note: - As we've used Latest End after 1 Day it will move to Outcome Latest End but Work item will still remain in 'READY' status so user can still Approve/Reject this above step.

Create Customer Task with subject line 'Pending Business Partner'.

Attach this new Customer task to above Outcome 'NOTIFICATION IN MAIL' as shown below.

In SWNCONFIG add this new task to trigger Notification.

Also in Agent assignment add new senior users to whom this Pending status will require to send.

As this task is not required after notification trigger so, set Requested End as shown below.

Above step will create new Outcome 'NOTIFICATION TO END' for triggered notification. It will move to Outcome for task immediately after triggering notification as shown in above Time Zone.

In Request End Outcome add 'Process Control' step to cancel workitem of above step node 000234 of task for triggering notification.

As mentioned below, this 'Process Control' will cancel Work Item for node 000234 of triggering notification.



  • Node '000091' will trigger mail to user for approval of Business Partner Changes.

  • Node '000091' will move to Outcome Latest End and create new node/Workitem '000234' after 1 Day.

  • Node '000091' will still remain in 'Ready' status so users of this node can still approve above Business Partner changes.

  • Node '000234' will contain new subject line 'Pending Business Partner'.

  • Node '000234' will contain new users to whom Pending status required to send.

  • Add the Task TS90200003 of Node '000234' to notification configuration in SWNCONFIG to trigger notification.

  • As this node '000234' can be cancel immediately after notification, set 'Requested End' to node '000234'.

  • Process Control in Outcome Requested end node '000234' will Cancel Workitem of Node '000234'.


  • Subject line can be change in Notification without changing BSP.

  • New users can be added easily by Functional for notification.

  • Users other than current user decision task can be used for Notification.

  • Existing users can still approve/reject Business PArtner.

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