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In most cases, we need to customize the Workflow decision task text, and there are many ways to do it. In this Blog, i'm gonna show you how to fill a internal table (type W3HTML) and place it as the task decision text (using a HTML text as example).

So let's create a new custom Workflow, and a User Decision step:

On the Control tab, the default decision task (TS00008267) is presented:

This is the standard default decision text:

We should (as a good practice) create a copy of the default task, so go to PFTC and do it:

Create a container element (type W3HTML), as a internal table/multiline(in properties tab):

Now go to the Text tab, Edit, delete the current default text, and Insert a Expression(menu below):

Selecting the MY_HTML:

This message is presented, you could select the second or third line(depending on your needs):


Returning to the Workflow:

Now you should create another step to populate this internal table (using BOR, Class, etc.), and then pass it to the new created Task on the decision step:

Now you're all set, your custom text will be presented on the SBWP/MyInbox App as the decision text ???.

HTML example on MyInbox:

The code for the example (placed on a BOR Method, populating the MY_HTML structure)

* SAP Wikis HTML Code
wa_html-line = '<HTML><BODY><TABLE>'.
append wa_html to my_html.
wa_html-line = '<TR><TH>Text</TH><TH>User</TH><TR><TD>SAP Blog HTML Text</TD><TD>'.
append wa_html to my_html.
concatenate sy-uname '</TD></TR></TABLE></BODY></HTML>' into wa_html-line.
append wa_html to my_html.
swc_set_table container 'MY_HTML' my_html.

You should play around with some HTML table examples, like:

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