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Join us for these upcoming webcasts:

September 4 BI: SAP BW/4HANA Overview and Roadmap

September 5 BI: SAP Analytics Cloud - Data Connectivity, including Road Map

September 10 BI: SAP Analytics Cloud for SAP BusinessObjects Enterprise customers - Roadmap Update

September 11 - BI: SAP BW/4HANA Conversion

October 9 Making the Right Connections with SAP Analytics Cloud

SAP Webcast promotion:

In 2018, only 20% of all tech jobs were held by women. Join us as we discuss women in the big data field, and the opportunities that can arise from a more inclusive industry. Attend now:

This was an SAP webcast earlier this summer

Source: SAP

Women in Big Data was founded as a program 6 years ago from SAP, Intel, and IBM to address diversity gap

Provide opportunities in field of big data

Through connecting with each other, fostering, and inspiring each other, address diversity challenge

Source: SAP

What is big data; I assume we have all seen this before.

The 4 v's; first is volume, large sets of data in data lake, data warehouse

Source: SAP

Where data is used; in marketing to automate campaigns

HR is a big data user; trend is towards digitizing HR, employees to access data using mobile device

Finance is a user of big data, for business intelligence, leverage data required to support close processes

Provide insight into investment decisions

Sales automation, for understanding improvements in sales cycle

Leverage machine learning to use cross selling opportunities

IT uses engineering and architecting solutions across the enterprise

Source: SAP

Where do they see opportunities to improve diversity?

Bring more women in field of big data

With big data, comes big opportunities

Growth in developing AI solutions, and data science

Opportunities are not just for engineering positions, positions such as business analysis, mine data using data science tools, set up and structure big data solutions

Female representation is shown above; huge potential

Many companies are sponsoring this; over 10 chapters across the globe. Companies expose their technologies, mentorship and more.

Source: SAP


Replay can be found here

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