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Thinking of flowers in the context of SAP my first thoughts are about SAP "FIORI". Why that? If you used a professional translation app selecting Italian as the source language , the word "FIORI" resulted in English as "flowers". I guess there was more than one SAP employee deciding to have a picture of a blossom as one of the first images for this amazing user-interface methodology.

In my professional blog I wrote about "Why you should give this flower to every female user" (March, 2015) introducing what I understood about FIORI until then. The number of FIORI apps in these times were approximately a few hundred. Today we talk about several thousands. What a success.

These are my personal 10 advantages which have convinced me about using FIORI, which is compelling and for me the right technique for the future of all my applications:

  • Ease of use

  • Simplicity (following the FIORI principles 1:1:3, meaning 1 user, 1 use-case, a maximum of 3 screens)

  • Follows all of the aspects/rules of the DIN ISO 9124-110 (e.g. self-descriptive, controllable, error tolerance)

  • Available in most of the SAP standard applications. To see which UI foundation and service packs you need, it's a good practice to use SAP's maintenance planner. In my recent blogs about SAP Focused-Solutions on SAP Solution Manager, I talk about using more than one FIORI application (as add-on for Solman 7.1)

  • There are libraries available (even open source)

  • SAP's UI5 is used

  • Modern techniques and technical paradigms (e.g. responsive design, statelessness, ...).
    Please look at the "director’s cut of an early 2014 FIORI webinar" here Understanding SAP Fiori Webinar – The Director’s Cut10 Comments for more information.

  • Training is easy

  • FIORI has won the prestigious red dot award with its user experience design concept. The price is awarded to those products, which in the opinion of the jury have an outstanding quality.

  • The dialogs are familiar and facilitate the quick reaction

To evaluate the functionality which will be available with FIORI 2.0 has got my full attention for the next months. What helps me is, that there is a SAP Fiori apps reference library giving me good advice and setting an example for my daily work.
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