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Now that Design Studio 1.4 has the Report-to-Report interface, why would you need the OpenDocument with Design Studio for BW data sources?  One main reason: Mobile BI

First, Apple released the latest version of SAP BusinessObjects Mobile 6.1.9 for iOS yesterday - see SAP BusinessObjects Mobile on the App Store on iTunes

While I haven't experienced any issues with SAP Mobile BI with Design Studio, I still recommend downloading the latest release of "MobI".  The latest release says it has "technical improvements".

Next, after looking at questions here on SCN, I can't get the right-click context menu to work with Design Studio and SAP Mobile BI for iOS - this is a limitation of Apple, according to the Apple Support forums.

This tutorial Design Studio 1.1: Pass URL parameters between applications does a nice job of walking you through passing parameters of Open Document.

Still I found it useful to use the SAP Learning Hub exercises for Design Studio to learn more about the Open Document functionality.  I changed the exercises slightly to work with my data.  See below:

The above is the "jump from" application.  Hopefully it goes without saying that all of this has to be done on the BI platform.

Above is the jump to application, sort of simulating a "drill down" for more information.

How does this look on Mobile BI (note this is not part of the Learning Hub exercises):

Selecting the cross tab on Mobile BI takes you to:

Here is more information in a recording:

For more information about the SAP Learning Hub join the SAP Mentor webinar tomorrow: SAP Mentor Monday Webinar Learning Hub Update - Save the Date

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