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With the rapid evolution of technology, changes are seen to occur in enterprises and their way of functioning. 

Businesses have also transformed their ways of action in parity with the changes. Their efforts have started to reveal the needs of the new generation. People of this generation are demanding simplicity and flexibility in business processes and practices.

The use of SAP S/4HANA on premise is considered as one of the best practices in this regard.

SAP launched the most innovative enterprise platform SAP S/4Hana, in 2015. It was a massive migration from the SAP ECC platform till now. 

A good number of enterprises have already transformed their operations with the power of SAP s/4Hana. According to SAP, the total number of such transformations is above 1000.

Benefits of SAP S/4Hana

SAP S/4HANA offers a host of valuable benefits. The main advantages of SAP S/4HANA over ECC are that it can refine business performance. The high speed of transaction processing and reporting helps a lot in this regard.

The beautiful platform allows activities like planning, execution, report, and analysis with a shove. 

The SAP S/4Hana Users can look forward to the following benefits:


The SAP S/4HANA modules can analyze a higher amount of data within the shortest time-limit. The user can gather instant insights to any data at any time and from any device. It helps the person in making decisions with the growth of the business.

The customers, too, will get the opportunity to impart agility to the business. The business is also able to gather newer revenues and earn more profits.


The most disadvantageous part of ECC on Hana is its complex structure. Businesses are thus feeling more attracted to S/4Hana due to its simplified data table structure and data access. 

The data is fully-automated. Therefore, the customer will be able to build an appropriate strategy if the business is a growing one. The user-friendly interface and trendy designs will also refer to real-time insights. Therefore, companies will be able to process online and adapt those instantly through the device.

Future-proof IT Investment

Why move to sap s/4hana? 

The current ECC system is going to be extinct by 2025. Therefore, you are investing in one of the booming technologies while you have planned to move to SAP S/4HANA

No sooner than you start to transit to SAP S/4HANA, it will start helping you in creating new solutions. The newer bulk of solutions will help you in meeting the upcoming business requirements.

SAP has also decided to influx fresh funding into SAP S/4HANA. From the time it decides debunking ECC in 2025, no new investment is made for its running. Therefore, inducing sap s/4hana will help you in introducing unique experience, trendy aspects of machine learning, and meeting all new technologies invented and presented by SAP. All these will make SAP S/4Hana a new clergy of innovative solutions. 

Innovative Technologies

With SAP S/4Hana, you will be able to keep yourself updated with innovative trendy technologies. The developers of this software are continuously expanding their capabilities with the induction of newer products. These changes are made to match the customers’ needs for a more straightforward solution. You will always be at one step ahead of your competitors.

Why SAP S/4Hana

Customers will be required to move from ECC to SAP S/4Hana. The main reason for this perpendicular shifting is complete dumping of the currently viable ECC design by 2025.

The paradigm shift will also mean the complete redesign of SAP GUI n the form of Fiori and UI5 that receives utmost welcome.

The addition of a complete data model with those mentioned above has significantly lessened the need for data footprint that is needed to run an SAP ERP application. It will enable the customer to access data reports at a faster pace.

The use of the restructured data models will help customers enjoy faster development lead times. 

The host has cleared any difference between OLAP and OLTP layer. It was done by reducing the data footprint and combining the power of Embedded Analytics with the In-Memory data platform. Thus, it is delivered by using a device-agnostic Ui5 layer to consume its applications.

Best ways to migrate to SAP S/4Hana

In serving clients, the developers often use the following processes:

Assessment: The practice starts to work with technical analysis and system checks. A member of the expert team will visit the client’s existing platform, database, and operating system. The deduction will help in determining the following steps and provide an appropriate migration plan.

Customers may also ask for functional assessment. In such cases, a member of the expert team will discuss how the migration to SAP S/4Hana may improve the business.

Exploration: After the assessment, you have to map your business processes and priorities. It will help you to define injured points. You will be able to converse over the requirement of custom development.

Inspiring:  Best Providers have decided to conduct an inspiration session for the clients. The reason behind such conductance is to help the businesses understand the fundamental features of SAP S/4Hana.

Conversion: The process of conversion will commence from the preparation and migration phase and will continue to introducing SAP Fiori.

Innovation: The developers’ team for SAP S/4Hana has induced the basic notion – start small, but think big. New features and domains will be ingrained into SAP S/4Hana as soon as the fundamental things are okay. Features like digital marketing, digital manufacturing, and Robo accounting, will thus be fast administered. 


Businesses are offered with training so that they are used to SAP S/4Hana. The current platform of ECC is going to disdain by 2025. It will cause issues to those customers who prefer sticking with ECC. 

The ERP providers are one of those. Therefore, the new adopters of SAP S/4Hana may encounter a problem. But, they will also be bound to adopt as the entire programming scenario is going to be changed within the next five years.


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