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All big software vendors, including SAP, force their clients to run their applications, subscription-based, in the cloud. For software vendors and their customers, this will bring a lot of advantages. But software vendors will always deliver standardized best-practice solutions based on the current available technology. And this is even more true for cloud vendors. The consequence of this is, that customers should configure, adapt and extend the provide business processes of the business applications to their own practice. And if this not fitting their needs, the have to build them themselves.

For this, organizations have their own development departments or hire developers to develop custom build applications mostly integrated with these standardize applications. And this development work is mostly organized around business applications skills or program language skills.

But for cloud development, this should be changed and I will explain this in my new blog series:
Why cloud business applications will change your custom build application development

In this blog series, I will explain why

  1. Freedom of program language development

  2. Freedom of user interface devices

  3. Freedom of business logic and business services

  4. Impact of digital communities

  5. Freedom of activities

  6. Reuse of traditional business applications

are key drivers for custom build application development in the digital transformation of organizations and will publish these in the next coming weeks. But before I will go in-depth into these key drivers, my first blog in this blog series will give you an overview of why cloud business applications will change your custom build application development and can be found here

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