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This blog is a token of respect for someone who created boolean algebra.

While going through book(Alogrithms to Liveby: The computer Science of human decisions by Brian Christian) and read about boolean variable , So thought to create a small blog for it. I'm not sure how many of the developers know about it because i was not aware of it atleast..

Boolean name is derived from mathematician, George Boole who created Boolean algebra , where the value of true is 1 and the value of false is 0 and that is what is used in almost all programming languages today.

So thanks to George Boole !

Conclusion:  We might be using lot of variables and logics and those might have been driven by someone whom we don't know. So as and when we come to know about those unsung hereos , we should admire those people and effort it took them to find it at very first time.




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