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Digital transformations come in all shapes and sizes, but the one thing they all have in common is the need to expand and transform data connectivity. Analytics can be transformative, but only if analysts have access to all pertinent data sources.

In our conversations with SAP Analytics Cloud customers, we have found that finding ways to effectively connect to and model non-SAP data assets is one of the critical challenges they face in implementing their analytics transformation strategy.

With 94% of organizations requiring access to multiple data sources to support decision making, this focus on connectivity and modelling is not surprising.

We detail these challenges, and how APOS Live Data Gateway can help you overcome them, in our whitepaper, Mind the Gap: Expanding Data Access Options to Open SAP Analytics Opportunities. See how APOS Live Data Gateway's virtualized data connection and transformation services enable live data connectivity, expanded data source options for SAP Analytics Cloud, simplified data modelling, and self-service analytics.

Download this whitepaper to review relevant use cases in which SAP Analytics Cloud customers have expanded their data access options to include a wide variety of non-SAP data sources.
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