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Hello community,

first of all, I have to say that UI5 Runtime for VC is a absolute great idea. Everyone who has tried these "new" java-script UI technologies knows how hellish the development life cycle can be. VC gives you the opportunity to develop your business logic in your favorite language, Java for example and you are able to consume it as WS or EJB. Ofc VC is limited in terms of components and you will probably not reach the 100% solution. But this is not even needed in many cases. To sum it up... VC is a great tool for rapid and easy UI development for UI5.

But now here comes the downside that makes the UI Runtime almost useless. Responsive Design...

The VC does not seem to use the mobile components of SAP UI5. There are no possibilities affect the behavior of the UI based on the screen size. Wouldn't it be great to have a responsive grid layer for your forms? I can't tell the effort to implement such a feature for VC but the benefit would be great. I know that VC is seen as "Legacy" but at least it got the UI5 runtime so SAP is working on it. Maybe think about the idea of responsiveness  .

What do you think about the VC UI5 runtime? What experience have you made? Is even anyone still bothering with VC or is it dead anyway for you? Please leave some comments

Best regards,


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