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I've been part of projects to migrate to BW on HANA recently and one of the things that I noticed was that resources can be fragmented and tricky to find. I thought I'd curate a list of places to go to find information. If I have missed something then please ping me so it can be added to here.

1) Best Practice Guide

boris.zarske maintains a Best Practice Guide - Classical Migration of SAP NetWeaver AS ABAP to SAP HANA and this is a great place to start. It covers all aspects of a migration and should be in your toolkit because Boris is aggregating information directly from the development team.

However, it only covers classical migrations, and if you're doing BW on HANA then you should ideally be considering DMO.

2) Database Migration Option (DMO)

roland.kramer maintains SAP First Guidance - Using the DMO Option to Migrate BW on HANA and this is the place to find out information about this. It is applicable to BW 7.0 and above and can help automate the upgrade and migration to SAP HANA. DMO doesn't work in every scenario, so make sure that it can do what you need.

3) Migration Cockpit & Checklist

If you go SAP Note 1909597 - SAP NetWeaver BW Migration Cockpit then you can install and configure program ZBW_HANA_MIGRATION_COCKPIT. This program runs on BW 3.5 or above, which is very cool.

In addition, as recommended by alis.qahtani, you should consider applying SAP Note 1729988 - SAP NetWeaver BW powered by SAP HANA - Checklist Tool, which provides program ZBW_HANA_CHECKLIST or ZBW_HANA_CHECKLIST_3x, depending on your version of BW. This is a pretty neat checklist and a presentation is attached to the note.

4) Architecting BW on HANA

I wrote a blog on Licensing, Sizing and Architecting BW on HANA. In addition, marc.hartz' guide on SAP NetWeaver BW Powered by SAP HANA Scale Out - Best Practices is important if you have a large system, as is marc.bernard's How NOT to size a SAP BW system for SAP HANA.

5) Managing your BW on HANA Project

I wrote blogs on 10 Golden Rules for SAP HANA Project Managers, and 10 Golden Rules for SAP BW on HANA Migrations. Hopefully they are useful for you.

roland.kramer also wrote Three things to know when migrating SAP BW on SAP HANA, which is worth reading. This refers to SAP First Guidance Collection for SAP NetWeaver BW  powered by SAP HANA, which in turn refers to Implementation - BW on HANA Export/Import, SAP First Guidance - Using the DMO Option to Migrate and SAP First Guidance - SAP-NLS Solution with Sybase IQ. Wow, this is recursive documentation!

5) HANA Basis Reference Guide

petr.solberg has written the awesome The SAP Hana Reference for SAP Basis Administrators, which is a go-to guide on HANA Administration. It is well worth reading if you're a Basis consultant moving to the HANAsphere.

6) ABAP Post-Copy Automation

michaela.pastor wrote a very handy blog about ABAP Post-Copy Automation, which is all about reducing the time to do system copies, and using the same ABAP source system for more than one BW system.

7) Some additional blogs

sunny.pahuja2 blog on Some points to remember for Database Migration to HANA  is very detailed though a little out of date.

Final Words

Since I've written this, I've realized that there is a lot of information out there, which may be overwhelming. I do encourage though, if you are planning a BW on HANA migration, that you take a look at this information before you build out your plan. You will be much better informed and I have no doubt that you will change your plan for BW on HANA.

Thanks to all of those that helped curate this, especially thomas.zurek, klaus.nagel, boris.zarske, roland.kramer, lloyd.palfrey, marc.bernard, lothar.henkes.

If you have some content that I should link to here, then please let me know!

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