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I have held a session in SAP Forum 2014 named SAP's new user experience, agile and mobile solutions. Thanks to community many people attended and we all enjoyed the session. Started with simplification and Consumerization approach which is early introduced and led by Bill McDermott Empathy Lines the Path to Simple.

With the help of simplification approach we tried to digest SAP's strategy over new user experiences and transformation of existing ones.

At this point we have discussed SAPUI5 and further, because Fiori will be name for new user experience and SAP is intensively working on the topic, however with the help of SAPUI5, "Renovation" should be covered by old pals: ABAP developers.

I am strongly encouraging all the ABAP developers to join immediately SAPUI5 environment. If you guys have experience on JAVA as well please, visit here and start to develop now.

Or you have only deep pure ABAP experience, no problem. New SAP NetWeaver Visual Composer will transform you in 5 minutes into an SAPUI5 developer. Please watch videos in this place and do not hesitate to contact me if you face any issues.

Finally; old guns, new era is saluting us with new tools, let's join the party !


Sarhan. @sarhanpolatates

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