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Formulas define how transaction data is to be processed in order to generate plan data. Formula functions enable you to use extended mathematical functions to calculate plan data.

When to use FOX:

  • There is no predefined planning function that does the job.
  • The task cannot be done in one standard planning function but several planning functions/sequence are needed.
  • The customizing of a standard planning function gets to complicated.
  • Can run in BOTH ABAP and HANA!

The following type of generic Planning Functions are available:

- Copy

  • Copy
  • Copy to Several Target Objects

- Delete

  • Delete Based on Values
  • Delete Invalid Combinations

- Revaluation- Repost

  • Repost Based on Values
  • Repost Characteristic Relationships

- Distribute

  • By Key
  • By Key from Sender to Receiver
  • By Reference Data
  • By Reference Data from Sender to Receiver

- Forecast

- Formulas (FOX)

- SQL Scripts

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