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A) Most of the known issues with the 4.0 release have been addressed with the fix packs that have followed since its release almost a year ago.

B) There are several configuration changes that are different from past versions and these are relatively well documented.

C)  There is higher level support for the JRE that Webi uses which can be good or bad based on what your organization’s hold on this ending updated by users to their desktops

D)  While the Information Design tool and Crystal for Enterprise lay the foundation for multi-data source semantic layers these new parts of the platform still require training and done necessarily have all the features of their universe and Crystal 2011 counterparts, respectively.

There is a significant set of new features and additional improvements coming out in the Feature Pack being released this spring. This new set of features along with the overall stability should be the tipping point to which the upgrade makes sense.

"Combining people and processes into the plan is just as important as the technology portion of the upgrade."

Therefore as with all upgrades is most important to:

1)Create a migration plan based on best practices for each way reporting is used in your organization (e.g. batch, bursted, on-demand, portals, etc.)

2) Set user and management expectations early on testing and training expectations

3) Use experience whenever possible

I hope this is helpful in our planning on which version to upgrade to.

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