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I am always wanted to get SMS notifications from my events in Google Calendar. I remember Google Calendar provides the service until recently they cease it.

Fortunately, Twilio is providing the service to send and receive the WhatsApp/SMS message. Since I am using WhatsApp in my daily life, I am thinking to build the WhatsApp event notification integrates with Google Calendar for free!

Let's gather all the required services to build one:

Create an account for each service above and get started!

There are three parts that we need to setup as I will walk through in details below.

SAP Open Connectors Setup

Please follow my blog WhatsApp Chat Interface with SAP Open Connectors, Twilio and SAPUI5 to setup Twilio connector in SAP Open Connectors.

From that blog I described in details how to setup Twilio with SAP Open Connectors and how to send and receive the WhatsApp message (or even now we can send media content messages with Twilio).

Once you have done the setup, take note the Twilio Account SID and Auth. Token. We will use that information in Zapier setup later on.

Test that you can send the message to WhatsApp and receive successfully.

Google Calendar

  • Select Settings and set your timezone. It is important to set the same timezone for both Google Calendar and Zapier.

  • Create an event to test.  We will configure Zapier to send the WhatsApp message 15 minutes before the event starts.

Zapier Setup

  • Logon to Zapier and select Settings.
    Set the Timezone and select Save Changes. Again the Zapier timezone that you set should be the same as Google Calendar timezone that you have set earlier.

  • Select Make a Zap.

  • Name your zap EventReminders (or whatever name you like). Select Set Up this step, Choose App and search for Google Calendar.

  • Select Event Start and Save + Continue.

  • Select Google Calendar account be provisioned and select Test. You will see the "Success" message if there is no error. Select Save + Continue.

  • Select your Gmail Google Calendar, Time Before: 15, Time Before (Unit): Minutes, Search Term: leave it empty.We will send the WhatsApp message 15 minutes before the event starts.

    Select Continue.

  • Select an Event that was generated. If you didn't see the event, click Get More Samples to generate one. Select Continue.

  • Now we need to add an action step. Select Add a Step.

  • Search for webhook and select Webhooks.

  • Select Post request and Save + Continue.
    Over here, we ask Zapier to perform HTTP Post request to SAP Open Connectors.

  • Enter the following information:
    Payload Type: json
    Data: <empty>
    : Your appointment is coming up on {{1}} at {{2}} -
    In Twilio Sandbox, we only can send the predefined message templates outside 24-hour window. If you send the message without following the predefined templates, your message will not be sent/delivered. Refer to Twilio documentation for more details.
    To: whatsapp: +<Twilio sandbox participant>
    From: whatsapp:+14155238886
    Wrap Request in Array: no
    File: <empty>
    Unflatten: yes
    Basic Auth:<empty>
    Headers: <empty>
    Authorization: User xxxxxxx, Organization xxxxxxx, Element  xxxxxxx -
    This information is from the SAP Open Connectors Twilio that you have configured.
    Select Continue.

  • Select Send Test to Webhooks by Zapier to test the configuration. If there is no error you will receive the WhatsApp message. Select Finish to continue.

  • And finally enable the zap.

  • Navigate to dashboard, select EventReminders, click a little arrow and select Run to test.

To add other number, we need to repeat the above steps. At this moment, Twilio doesn't support sending WhatsApp message to groups.

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