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   Lets start a discussion here on what the PB community would like to see added into PowerBuilder Classic! This PB version is still what 95%+ of us use for mission critical applications.

Here are a few of my suggestions to start this thread off:  :razz:

a) Bring the the price in-line with other development tools

b) Bring back various versions (Desktop, Professional, Enterprise).

c) Remove SYSAM

d) Create an Express version - maybe the Desktop replacement.

e) Get rid of PB.Net

   (VS2010 Shell isn't cutting it - its 2015 now,

    Very low adoption rate,

    PB Community doesn't need another C/S tool

    WPF is "dead")

f) Add Web capabilities

g) Add Mobile capabilities

h) Improve AutoScript (like Intellisense) in PB Classic (its almost there)

i) Create free educational "how to videos" (maybe on YouTube).

j) Review the 545 current active enhancements on the ISUG-Tech PB enhancement list to get some more ideas

k) Give the product away to Students, Colleges & Consultants (ie NFR's)

l) Bring back Distributed PB - this was a "kool" & useful feature!  :cool:

m) Add WCF to PB Classic

n) Add full & transparent J2EE and .Net "Interop" from PB Classic.

o) Add jScript support to PB

p) run FULL and OPEN public Betas!

q) Add "C#" User Object support for we could just paste in some C# example code & have it compile into a .Net assembly or DLL


What would YOU like to see?   :grin:

Regards ... Chris

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