I had some fun with the search to insight with SAP Analytics CloudYou can see the top 5 screen names above  - this is part of the natural language query in SAP Analytics CloudUsing "Build My Story" the following charts were automatically created:

English was the top language, with German being second

It was fun to find myself as an "outlier" in the above automatically built graph

Top tweets by source are shown above - iPhone is number 1, followed by web client, Android, iPad (which is what I use) and SAP uses Sprinklr

Above is the top "location" - which isn't consistent, and many are blank.

Text by type is shown above, with social media topics being #1



Top text is shown above, with the hashtag #ASUG2018 being the top.


S/4HANA was a top topic.  Because C/4HANA is new, I would expect it not to be in the ASUG tags

Search to insight by text is shown above, with suggestions

You can even filter more using search to insight, this time searching top text by social media ID

Top topics are no surprise

Top person in social media is interesting, as text analysis thinks HANA is a person.  Justin Timberlake (the concert) is second, and "Fiori" is also considered a person.  ASUG CEO Geoff Scott is fourth.

Top products are S/4HANA, Analytics and HANA

It's no surprise that SAP was the top organization with Google and Microsoft appearing as well.

The word cloud for text is above

Top twitter ID's include SAP, ASUG, volunteers Shawn Cooper, Joyce Butler, and SAP CEO Bill McDermott

Above are the "words"