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I believe that there is a lot of talk online where people are asking the question ... Why should I use Netweaver Gateway if I have Netweaver Process Integration (PI) or vice versa. I was recently on a SAP mobility call which included a great slide entitled "What SAP Netweaver Gateway is and is not!". I thought I would share this with everyone and a couple other posts and links I have come across on the web, which hopefully people wanting to learn more about what Gateway has to offer, will find useful.

SAP Netweaver Gateway is NOT:

- The SAP Gateway process in the Netweaver Application Server ABAP that enables external communication (e.g. RFC).

- A mobile infrastructure (like Sybase Unwired Platform)

- A replacement for SAP Netweaver PI and eSOA services/ESB's

- Access to non-SAP systems

SAP Netweaver Gateway is:

- The point of access into SAP Business Suite data and functionality

- Uses a non-proprietary interface based on the Open Data Protocol (OData)

- Service can be consumed by any channel that can process XML received over an HTTP(s) connection

If you are interested in reading more on this topic, I would suggest checking out:

This blog from Sascha Wenniger who wrote a article a couple of months ago about both GW and PI having their own place in the enterprise to provide connectivity and data consumption.

Another great article was written by William Li making a direct comparison between PI and GW. This will help anyone who is trying to decide which, or if both, is right for their needs:

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