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Source: SAP

Data is everywhere; photos, images

Social media analytics around behavior of users

Demands on IT – better, faster, more reliability

“All data are not created equal” – big data happens all over the place.  Need a seamless way to integrate and harmonize data sources

Source: SAP

Idea of digital enterprise and requirements

Look at ways to better provision services, real time engagement, reporting

Look at capturing new data, sensor devices

Ability to support high value transactions, multi-channel transactions

How support business continuity

Source: SAP

Distributed computing on Big Data – HANA Vora

HANA Data Warehousing

ASE- extreme transaction processing database engine

Newly acquired Alt-Scale

How integrate

Source: SAP

SAP HANA has been in market for 5 years – “level playing field” – make it ubiquitous

HANA express is for free to try

Source: SAP

Greyed out – ETL, multi tenant but all else available in HANA express

32GB – can upgrade for a fee to 128GB

Over 4K downloads in 2 weeks

Source: SAP

HANA database as a service

Source: SAP

New HANA release will be in November

3 aspects:

Database management:  how simplify database management from high availability, disaster recovery

Develop once, deploy anywhere

Multi-model geo spatial will be available, capture and replay

Source: SAP

Next Gen Warehouse – BW/4HANA

Evolve data warehousing architecture to the next level

Support more seamless access to data sources (IoT, unstructured data sources)

Easier modeling

Source: SAP

Modern UX, Fiori-based

Open, against a SQL database

Source: SAP

Certified in AWS for 12 nodes, 7TB of data

Also available in HANA Enterprise Cloud

Source: SAP

BW to support logical data warehouse, Hadoop-based lake

Source: SAP

Where BW fits in landscape

Source: SAP

Over 10K customers run suite on ASE

Source: SAP

Big Data

This year, HANA Vora, process data in HDFS or in cloud, ingest, analyze data

Source: SAP

Has over 100 customers, product available since March

Coming soon, test drive lab – 2-3 hour lab experience in the Cloud – for free

Source: SAP

Today, effort to integrate

Innovation around data lake -not necessarily Hadoop, but also Cassandra

Simplify the left side (yellow) without migrating data

Source: SAP

Look at raw datasets, signals, schedule end to end, make data platform collaborative, test out data, move from data lake to data warehouse more seamless

Source: SAP

Middle side, exploratory BI, data lake, drill down, iterative

How bring together?  HANA Vora


Source: SAP

Altiscale, came out of Yahoo, idea of offering Hadoop simple, to simplify adoption

Integrated, secure Hadoop as a service

Source: SAP

Source: SAP

Data cloud, admin, monitoring, data ingest

Hadoop as a service

Source: SAP

Cost of doing Hadoop yourself; almost a quarter of a million dollars


Q: A few years ago, heard BW not strategic, but HANA Live is

A: Prepackaged data warehouse

Want to support both

Product focus on BW

HANA Live will continue to deliver, packaged content, virtual data model

Q: Positioning of BW extractors?

A: Will integrate to BW environment, no timeline

Q: What is the plan for temporal database?

A: Time series data processing is in HANA (SPS12) looks at temporal data

Also in HANA Vora (November release)

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