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This was an ASUG webcast this week.  Replay can be found here.

Source: SAP

Two solutions on the market

Following cloud first strategy; new features will be delivered in SAP Analytics Cloud/Designer

With Lumira Designer, deliver smaller improvements

Recommendation: if start today with dashboard project, look at App Design (now known as Analytics Designer). Look at road map for app design.

If you have Lumira Designer project using, you can continue to use it; still deliver minor continuous improvement.

SAP Lumira Designer

Source: SAP

Delivered in April

Deliver support patches - still delivered

Also have enhancements - prompt screen, with variables, open prompt screen, have capability copy/ paste selections

Compact mode - more user friendly

Texts displayed for excluding selections

Default display for texts for measures

Support prompt window with value help settings

Planning enhancements are shown above

Source: SAP

Chart enhancements - COMPONENTS.copyProperties - technical component - able to, in the application, consistent look and feel.

Create custom color palettes in Designer and run time

In chart area, have improved hierarchy support; can suppress hierarchy parents

Scripting enhancements - copy component properties, get component type, user

Source: SAP

Connection mapping

Enhanced initial editor view

Export - export hierarchies to PDF

Source: SAP

Recent innovations - covers 2.3, covers support packages and patches

Next year - restricted BW key figures

Lumira Discovery is in support & maintenance mode

Understand key capabilities with 2.3

2020 - deliver selected minor improvements, as direction is to go to SAP Analytics Cloud

SAP Analytics Cloud, Analytics Designer

Source: SAP

Development environment

Source: SAP

Available in ACN - Analytics Content Network

Source: SAP

First version available in QRC

Source: SAP

Source: SAP

This was covered last week at the conference.

Source: SAP

Source: SAP


Question Response
What about Lumira Discovery?  Is that  being "de-emphasized"? She has a road map coming that shows Lumira Discovery
What is the scrolling improvement in the Crosstab component in handling huge rows of records. - Michael in 2.2
Plans for SAC theme to better support hybrid content I'm not following this question; would you please clarify?  Lumira or SAC?
Is/Will there be an option to migrate objects from Lumira Designer to SAC Designer? no; these applications are built on two different platforms
After 2023, There will be no innovations with Designer? That is the plan; strategic direction is Analytics Designer
When will the Analytics planning be delivered? SAC planning is available now; would you please clarify your question?
AS per PAM, it says RTC - 04/02/2019 and End of Mainstream Maintenance: 08/31/2020 , life span of 17 Months.. looks very short.. also I did not see any new Version in pipe line.. whats are recommendations.. except SAC Lumira Designer supported as long as BI Platform - mainstream maintenenace - 2023 -will recheck
is there a migration helper if business wants to migrate Lumira Designer document to SAC Designer ? no as these are different platforms
Can you clarify what is the direction for Lumira Discovery? it is in support and maintenance per the road map slide

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