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Source: SAP

Link to the replay is here

What is new in SAP Application Design

I won't repeat what is in this blog.

It is available in version 2019.8.3.

With SAP App Design, you can create enterprise applications and widgets. It comes with the BI license.

It is integrated with SAP Analytics Cloud; it supports same data sources as "SAC".

Applications can be consumed in Digital Boardroom and SAP Analytics Hub

Please consider adding Jie's ASUG Annual Conference Road map session to your agenda:

Also see the ASUG BI Session Schedule here

Source: SAP

Which tool should I use?

SAP is following cloud first strategy, following with SAP Analytics Cloud

SAP App Design is part of the strategic direction

If you start new project, SAP recommends looking at SAP App Design first

SAP just released Lumira 2.3 release, and will release 2.4 end of year/beginning next year

Big innovation will not happen with Lumira Designer

Innovation is going to SAP Analytics Cloud

Source: SAP

Covers Lumira Designer use cases, but much broader, can integrate with predictive

What is an application - know from Lumira Designer, could be complex applications, logic is based on scripted, created by a few and consumed by many

With scripting, can enrich flexibility, provide variety of widgets, use scripting to make interactive

Standardization - create re-usable parts - header, footer, templates and can be reused across application

Will provide extension widgets

Source: SAP

It is GA now

Fundamental capabilities - scripting, widgets, dialog component, interactions between widgets, switch visibility between widgets

Second category is planning capabilities - Toolbar from planning

Use scripting API for planning workflow

Source: SAP

You can navigate between different artifacts - from App Design, navigate to Explorer, to Smart Grouping, hyperlink to stories, applications

Integrate into other web pages, other applications

Source: SAP

Closed loop scenario - start from analysis part, do some planning, predictive, what-if, make decision, take action, and trigger back end system

Providing OData (S/4HANA back end system) - trigger purchase order, etc.

Program access to OData "please check flight availability" - data from back end to front end

Script functions, able to modularize coding

Translation will be delivered as soon as translation services are delivered with SAP Analytics Cloud

Source: SAP

The recording shows a demo of the GA version (first column)

Q3 - middle column, container widget, tabstrip layout, dynamic layout, bookmark support, geo mapping

Future (Q4 and next year)- custom widgets (create your own), lazy loading of data sources

Question and Answer

Q: confirm license required for app design

A: standard BI license is enough

Q: When will product plans details show Q3/Q4

A: Updating product plan every 2 months; very soon

Q: When can we expect 'BPC Embedded Planning Sequences' in App Designer? (which SAC wave) Currently that feature is only available in Stories.

A: On the roadmap/back log

Q: OData scenario available only for S/4HANA?

A: For GA version only support S/4HANA as back end system

Support OData version 4.0

Q: What is te future of BO Design Studio vs SAC Application Designer

A: The previous Design Studio has been transitioned into the Lumira Designer

Q: Can we use methods of custom SAP BW oData Services (SEGW) in app Design?

A: If in BW system, will not support; only support S/4HANA in GA version

Q: Can we expect some SAC business content being delivered that includes Apps? (currently most of the content include: dimensions, stories, connections, models etc)

A: We are planning to deliver some content

Q: The Analytics application works for the models of live connection and connection import?

A: Yes; support is the same as SAP Analytics Cloud

For fun, I followed the steps of Jie's demo in the webcast and recorded it:

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