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Dear All,

Introduction: I am working as a SAP S/4HANA/Fiori/SCP/SAPUI5 consultant and in this blog, I am going to talk about few new functionalities which are available in S/4HANA 2020 release.

SAP S/4HANA 2020 is available now.

Below are the documents of SAP S/HANA 2020.

1.  Getting Started With SAP S/4HANA 2020 -

2. SAP S/4HANA 2020 Feature Scope Description -

3. Best Practice for S/4HANA 2020

4.What's New in SAP S/4HANA 2020

New Functionalities in SAP S/4HANA 2020 few are below.

1. Fiori - Fiori 3 is looking more promising , there are many new functionalities available in Fiori,

SAP has introduced a new option to structure the SAP Fiori launchpad with spaces and pages as part of the SAP Fiori 3 innovations.

End-users can consume the content of the SAP Fiori launchpad in an easier and more structured way than before. Dedicated entry points per business role serve as stable entry points with stable layouts within the SAP Fiori launchpad. Administrators can create and adjust these dedicated structures and layouts.

Spaces and pages are new entities to achieve this:

  • SPACE – it defines the navigation structure and provides the overall context for the displayed content. A space holds one or more pages.

  • PAGE- it defines the layout and contains sections with apps.

2. Asset Management - There are many new functionalities available in Asset Management LOB.

  1. Enterprise Asset Management (EAM)- EAM business function enables you to use numerous enhancements for maintenance orders and maintenance notifications in PM(Plant Maintenance).

  2. Simplified Management of EAM Functions - This business function provides you with enhanced features for processing maintenance items and maintenance orders on the SAP Web UI for Plant Maintenance.

  3. Maintenance Execution (SAP S/4HANA) - Displaying Change Documents -You can use this function to display change documents when you change or display technical objects, maintenance notifications or maintenance orders on the SAP Web user interface for Plant Maintenance.

  4. Maintenance Execution (SAP S/4HANA) - ODATA API: Functional Location - With this synchronous inbound OData service, functional location can be created, updated and deleted.

3. Cross Applications

A. Consumption of Attachment Service from Web GUI or PLM Web UI Application-

This feature enables you to consume the Attachment Service standalone app from the Web  GUI or PLM Web UI applications. The standalone Attachment Service app is an independent FIORI application that provides attachment capabilities to consumers who do not have any FIORI apps or have very limited functionality in their FIORI apps. In this case, you can invoke the standalone attachment service app from your Web GUI or PLM Web UI applications. The application context is passed as URL parameters while invoking the application. The application can be launched in either the display mode or edit mode, depending on the context.

B. Document Info Record OData API

With the new OData service (API_DMS_PROCESS_SRV), you can create, update, and delete (mark for deletion) a document info record (DIR).

C. APIs on SAP API Business Hub -

There are many new APIs are available on SAP API Business Hub. We can use APIs to further extend or integrate your system.

We can also consume these API’s in our own application.

Please have a look to below link where you can find all the available API's.


Here in this blog i was trying to show few functionalities and changes which are available in S/4HANA 2020 release.


Naveen Jain
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