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This is the continuation of blog What's new in SAP NetWeaver 7.3 - A Basis perspective Part-I


In our earlier installation of SAP we need to install jdk or sapjvm before we start with sapinst. But with NW7.3 its not needed any more. SAPInst will install required sapjvm6 on its own, though you can provide the path of latest version of sapjvm6 downloaded from service market place.

Benefits of sapjvm :The SAP JVM provides comprehensive statistics about threads, memory consumptions, garbage collections and I/O activities. This information is visualized in the monitoring and management tools provided with the SAP NetWeaver Application Server Java. For solving issues with SAP JVM, several traces may be enabled on demand. They provide additional information and insight into integral VM parts like the class loading system, the garbage collection algorithms and I/O.

Patching the SAP JVM on an SAP NetWeaver system is only supported using the Java Support Package Manager (JSPM) but there is issue with patching SAPJVM6 through JSPM for distributed system JSPM tries to start PAS and DB  for SAPJVM deployment, but its not able to do so because they are on different servers and it gives error.

In that case we can do manuall patching like below first modify Instance profile parameters for JVM 6

_CPARG0 = list:$(DIR_CT_SAPJVM)/sapjvm_6.lst

_CPARG1 = source:$(DIR_CT_SAPJVM)



jstartup/vm/home = $(DIR_SAPJVM)

Then uncar sapjvm6 and keep it at location of jvm directory, there will be variation in directory name as per your OS. If you are not using PI or Java then this directory structure may not present and upgrade is not needed in that case.

14.  SUM : Software Update Manager
The Software Update Manager is a multi-purpose tool, which supports various procedures, such as  installing enhancement packages or applying Support Package Stacks

SAPehpi 7.10 is replaced by Software Update Manager:
The SAP Enhancement Package Installer (SAPehpi), which was used until now to install Enhancement Package 1 for SAP NetWeaver PI / MOBILE / ABAP 7.1, is replaced by the Software Update Manager (SUM).

Use Software Update Manager 1.0 SP02 for the following processes:

  • Upgrading to SAP NetWeaver 7.3
  • Applying Support Packages Stacks
  • Installing enhancement packages

Install SUM
SAPCAR -xvf /<directory>/SUM10SP02_9-20006543.SAR -R /usr/sap/<SAPSID>

Start SUM
With sid<adm> on Primary Application Server
> /usr/sap/<SID>/SUM/sdt/exe/DSUGui

Please take a glimpse of this tool it will remind you of SAP version upgrade and Ehp ugrade tool !

For detail please check SAP Note 1557404 - Central Note - Software Update Manager

15. CUA and IDM

SAP NetWeaver 7.3 AS Java fully supports the latest security standards, such as the SAML 2.0 protocol.

In SAP NetWeaver 7.3, CUA (Central User Administration)  is now completely  replaced by SAP NetWeaver Identity Management. But this does not mean that NW7.3 will not support CUA, you can still use it like previous version, in fact I am also using CUA with my NW7.3 so far its not complaining 

Below is typical IdM landscape for your reference.

16. Dynamic Profile Parameters

To make it more dynamic and reduce downtime, from NetWeaver 7.3 some of the well-known system parameters have been “dynamized” — the parameters do not require a system restart after changes are made.

You can get a list of those parameters at this link

List of Newly added/converted Dynamic parameter in NetWeaver 7.3

17. Dynamic work processes

Probably this feature has been introduced from NetWeaver 7.0 Ehp 1, but still this is not frequently used and NetWeaver 7.3 favours/promotes majorly the concept of dynamic behaviour so I wanted to make it a separate point. Here we can increase total number of work processed without restarting SAP system, its different than what we do through RZ04. There no point me discussing it here when SAP has itself described it beautifully, please go throught the link

18. ABAP Soft Shutdown

Like different option present in case of Oracle Database, now from NW7.02 to NW7.3 has got the additional option of Soft Shutdown of ABAP. There are various option possible with help of these parameters.

  • rdisp/shutdown/disable_gui_login - This parameter will suppress GUI logons during the shutdown. This applies irrespective of user roles or authorizations

  • rdisp/shutdown/gui_auto_logout - Defines the period for which dialog users can be inactive during the kernel shutdown, before they are automatically logged off. If greater value than 0 will be used, the maximum wait time is calculated from the minimum of the parameters rdisp/gui_auto_logout and rdisp/shutdown/gui_auto_logout.
  • rdisp/shutdown/idle_wp_timeout - How long the kernel shutdown waits for all work processes to be in the status "waiting".
  • rdisp/shutdown/message_frequency - How frequently dialog users are requested to log off during the server shutdown.
  • rdisp/shutdown/j2ee_timeout - How long the kernel shutdown waits for the AS Java (JEE Engine) to shutdown.
  • rdisp/shutdown/load_balance_wait_time - How long the kernel shutdown waits for the server to be deleted from the load balance information. During this time, all requests can continue to be processed.
  • rdisp/shutdown/abap_trigger_timeout - Defines how long the kernel shutdown waits for the shutdown trigger to be read by the Auto ABAP.

The Soft Shutdown option is available from SAP transaction SM51 and with help of SAP MMC

SAP MMC : From Web Browser -> http://<hostname>:5nn13

Right click on instance which needs to be shutdown and Click on Shutdown or restart

19. SSO2 Wizard is more powerful

Now from NetWeaver 7.3 there is no need to use STRUSTSSO2 and NWA certificate link unless you wish to use them to import export certificates.

Please go through this blog for details 

Bye bye STRUSTSSO2: New Central Certificate Administration NW7.3

20. NetWeaver 7.3 on Cloud

With release of NetWeaver 7.3 SAP is now more focusing on future cloud integration, mobility and in-memory computing tasks.

As if now, these NW7.3 hubs are available on Cloud.

  • SAP Enterprise Portal 7.3
  • SAP BW  NetWeaver 7.3
  • SAP PI  NetWeaver 7.3
  • HANA

For reference please visit below links

With these 20 points I would like to wind up this blog, but I will appriciate if readers suggest more points which they know but we should stick to the Basis perspective :smile:

Hope this will be of help to some of us.

----------------Adding this point as suggested by hemanth.kumar Jul 10, 2012----------------

21. From NetWeaver7.1 sap introduced new tool in place of JCMON. This tool is JSMON

This can be used just like jcmon.

jsmon pf=<instance profile name>

you can type help and get multiple options that can be used, like below screenshot you can type instance, process, display and see the result.

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