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There are various materials present about features of SAP NetWeaver 7.3 but not all of them are directly useful for Basis people like us. So I thought to collect some of differences/features which I noticed.

I know some folks will say that not all features are introduced in 7.3 some of them were introduced in 7.1 and 7.2, but I am a greedy man and I wanted to increase number of features :razz: in this blog so I included them as well. Beside it will be helpful to those who haven't got chance to work with 7.1 or 7.2 and directly started working with 7.3.

So lets begin...

1. SAP NetWeaver 7.3 Goes Green

With NW7.3 you can save more energy from architectural perspective, you can get details of it here, I find it interesting.

2. SAP NetWeaver 7.3 – Lean Avatar

  • In the process integration, a Java-only, lightweight advanced adapter engine is now available for NetWeaver 7.3, eliminating the need to run SAP NetWeaver Process Integration (SAP NetWeaver PI) as a dual stack.
  • From SAP NetWeaver 7.30, customers can reduce their hardware needs as a result of common deployment options for all Java usage types, including enterprise portals, SAP NetWeaver BW, and SAP NetWeaver Composition Environment (SAP NetWeaver CE), with one unified Java application server.
  • NetWeaver Portal 7.3 uses half as much memory on average to execute navigations.
  • NetWeaver Portal 7.3 server node starts up much faster than 7.01, with improvement of 33% in average.

3. Instances Naming convention

As of SAP NetWeaver 7.1, the concept and naming of SAP system instances has changed. The terms “central instance” and “dialog instance” are no longer used. Instead, the SAP system consists of the following instances:

  • Application server instances

Application server instances can be installed as “primary application server instance” (PAS) or “additional application server instances” (AAS).

  • Central services instance
  • Database instance

4. The Central Services Instance ABAP - ASCS

The central services instance for ABAP (ASCS instance) is now installed with every SAP ABAP system distribution option:

Standard System      Distributed System      High-Availability System

The enqueue replication server instance (ERS instance) can now be installed  together with the central services instance for every installation :

  • Standard System (optional)
  • Distributed System (optional)
  • High-Availability System (mandatory)

At the time of SCS installation if we can select the above option it will install ERS instance as well.

Though I am such a naive person who is failed to understand the purpose of having ERS instance on same host where we are having Enqueue server.

5. The Central Services Instance ABAP - ASCS

With new Installation Master for ABAP+Java, SAPInst does not provide option for separate ASCS and SCS Instance.  Though it can be separated manually after installation on different host.

6. Split Off ASCS Instance

SAPInst now has an option to "Split Off ASCS Instance"

With the option Split Off ASCS Instance from Existing Primary Application Server Instance, you can split off an central services instance for ABAP (ASCS instance) from the primary application server instance of an existing ABAP system or ABAP+Java (dual-stack) system.

7. Solution Manager Key

As of SAP NetWeaver 7.3, Solution-Manager-Key at the time of Installation is not asked/required by SAPInst.

Even in previous installation people found out the way to generate the Solution Manager Key out of SolMan System.

8. Start Profile Merged

As of SAP NetWeaver 7.3, Start Profile has been removed as separate file.

In earlier versions of NetWeaver there were 1 Default profile per SAP system, 1 Start profile per Instance and 1 Instance profile per instance.

Now the Start profile contents are merged with Instance profile. With help of new Instance profile SAP processes are started and at the same time instance specific parameters are read.

This removed total number of profile files. 1 Default profile per SAP System, 1 instance profile per instance.

Now Profile Directory will look neater !!

9. JSPM (Java Support Package Manager) Initial credential requirement changed

  • While starting JSPM – SDM password is not being prompted, Instead you need to provide Java Admin User ID and password.

  • While deploying and upgrading components it needs restart of just Java and sometime complete SAP restart, for which Admin User ID at OS level and its password is asked.

  • SDM is replaced with JSPM and directory SDM is altogether removed.

  • Un-deployment of SCA’s/EAR files are not possible using JSPM. You have to use NWDI for this purpose.
  • No support for PAR files. All portal applications are now EAR (Enterprise Archive) based, PAR migration tool for converting PAR files to EAR files

10. JCMON changed menu

After NetWeaver 7.01 JCMON menu 20: Local Administration Menu is non functional.

Select opton Solid Rock ....  name is funny I mean Rocks are solid anyway :lol:

and you will able to see which state of different components/nodes. Unlike previous version I didn't find refresh option here, so go back and come to this menu again for recent view.

11. Visual Admin Vs NWA

As of SAP NetWeaver 7.1, Visual Admin has been replaced with NWA

12. Support Pack Stack

Earlier in NetWeaver 7.0, For a Support Pack Stack the  release level of BW component was generally  2 release ahead of the ABAP and Basis component.

Now all components are  released on same level.

Please continue with second part of this blog.

What's new in SAP NetWeaver 7.3 - A Basis perspective Part-II

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