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SAP Lumira SP13 has just been released on SMP today and has a few new features of interest and the "What's New" readme states the following:

  • An Edit Formula option has been added to columns that have been created using the formula editor

You can now edit the formula used to create a column, without having to create a new column for the modified formula.To use the new edit feature, click the down arrow in the title of the formula column and select Edit.

For example in a formula column combining first and last names, you can now edit this column to add middle names to the column, without having to create a new column for the modified formula.

  • SAP Lumira document file format changes to .lums

  1. When you create a new document in SAP Lumira 1.13 the document is saved under the new file format .lums.
  2. When you open and edit document created with a previous version of SAP Lumira, the file is saved under the new format .lums.
  3. You can open files with the previous format .svid , but if you want to modify and save the file, it is saved in the new .lums format.

  • Named range in Microsoft Excel now supported when creating a dataset

If your Microsoft Excel data source contains one or more named ranges, you can now select a range to apply to the columns acquired for your dataset. A dataset is restricted to the columns defined in the Range.

You select the range from the Advanced Options tab on the new dataset page when creating a dataset from a Microsoft Excel data source.

  • Averages defined in datasets are now supported when publishing to SAP Lumira Cloud

This fixes an issue in a previous version of SAP Lumira. Now all aggregated averages in a dataset are retained when published to the SAP Lumira Cloud.

  • Extended support for SAP HANAdata sources

In addition to the current SAP HANA supported data sources, SAP Lumira now adds the following SAP HANA data sources:

  • SAP HANA external views
  • Hadoop Hive

  • Help is now available directly on the SAP Help Portal

The SAP Lumira Help available when you click the question mark icon, or select  Help Help  now opens the documentation from the SAP Help Portal. It is no longer installed locally. Ensure that you have an internet connection to access the Online Help. The Help opens in your internet browser. You can download the PDF version of the user's guide at any time to ensure that you have access to the documentation when working offline. Refer to Related Topics for information on accessing the documentation offline.

My Conclusion

The transition from SP11 to SP12 was a significant change and as I mentioned in a previous blog was a bold move. I have only played with SP13 for 1 Day and it feels certainly less buggy and a even little snappier.  Initially I felt a little disappointed by this sparse set of enhancements however, giving it some further thought it seams to me that SP13 could be considered a needed stabilization release with a few new features added.

What do you think ?

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