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I'll try not to repeat what I wrote here but yesterday's webcast provided more details.  Replay is here.

Source: SAP

Source: SAP

The legal disclaimer applies that anything in the future is subject to change.

Source: SAP

For data discovery, now position analytics cloud

Reporting is unchanged

Discovery is still being worked on
SAP Analytics Cloud is the story use case

Application Design will be GA sometime this summer

SAP Lumira Designer

Source: SAP

Improve cross tab scrolling performance, for large datasets

Re-thought application start-up; a pain point – application start-up- why do they take so long to start up? Now should be fixed

Allow copy-paste in crosstab; previously had to use spreadsheet

Support for variants/datasources

New authoring component for online composition (1.6 comp and is now better)

Unrestricted nesting for composites

You can bookmark composites

Adding html formatting for comments

Chart enhancements - lifted 10K points on charts; caveat – still only display 10K, and what you can

Refresh offline/acquired data source

Scripting into the components

Source: SAP

2 kinds of variants

You can choose to have document variants – saved on BI platform – function on all data sources; almost like personalization

Other option – data source specific – query specific

Source: SAP

Long requested, at run-time, create a new column; simple calculations – not a full-on editor

Source: SAP

Introduce copy/paste support

Performance improvements as well

Add and remove totals via drag and drop

Source: SAP

Now nest composites within each other

Surface bookmarks – significant improvement

Source: SAP

Added for reference lines

Handle more than 10K means "the chart still displays when the 10K limit is reached, but with a warning that not all data can be displayed rather than simply refusing to display the chart." (David Stocker)

SAP Lumira Discovery

Source: SAP

Improve filters & linked analysis

Create multiple measure filters

Source: SAP
User can enable or disable filter propagation in the filter dialog of each dimension. This option will be enabled only for dimension that are linked. On enabling the filter propagation, user can now choose to show/hide the auto generated filters. On choosing to show the auto generated filters, these will be displayed in the filter bar with disabled state and user will not have an option to either edit or delete it.

In the source chart, user should be able to select all dimensions as scope for filtering target charts, based on selection in source chart. For "All Dimensions", the current set of dimensions will have to be considered. Ideally, any new dimension added to the source chart should get considered for element linking after it is added to chart.

User should be able to define multiple measure filters. Eg: Consider a viz with country ,city and sales revenue plotted in viz or cross tab. The operator between the measure filters is AND

A user should be able to 1) create a measure filter where sales revenue > 2000000 2) And the second measure filter where quantity sold in > 750000

User should be able to display totals for cross tab having measure filters. Totals should be supported in case of blended viz, calculated measures also. (Source: SAP)

Source: SAP
The size of the appendix page is A4, irrespective of the size of the rest of the PDF. The requirement is to set the appendix page same as the page size for rest of the pages. In case different pages in the PDF are set to different sizes (due to the pages of the story being of different sizes), the appendix page size should be same as the last page of the PDF (besides the appendix

User should be able to specify if he wants to add the crosstabs in the appendix while scheduling/broadcasting a document. All/None options for now.

Title of crosstabs should show in exported PDF. If a crosstab spans across pages, we should show the title on each page

Source: SAP
The Language support for designer and Discovery document for SAP BW Data source the behavior is consistent across all the Designer /Discovery/Lumira Add-on in case of View and Schedule of Documents

Support for different formats like Decimal Separator, Number of digits after decimal, Digit grouping symbol, Digit Grouping

Respect Language while Viewing or Scheduling the document based on the user’s PVL and Language configured in OLAP connection would override the user’s PVL. Support is only for BW Data Source (Source: SAP)

Source: SAP
If user wants to view the latest instance of the document on Double click then under Applications SAP Lumira, in the Lumira properties select smart view option as “View Latest Instance”
“View Latest instance” is set as Default

User should be able to specify if he wants to add the crosstabs/Filters in the appendix while scheduling/broadcasting a document by selecting the options. (Source: SAP)


Source: SPA


Plan to share velocity data sets to SAP Analytics Cloud

Open SAP Analytics Cloud datasets in on-prem application (can do this now in Analysis Office)

Use calc/restricted key figures at run time

Minor tricks for planning

Extension of self-service in designer apps

Question & Answer

Question Response
Are there any additional calculation options available at Design time (not from Cross-tab menu) in 2.2? Will they work with all data sources including UNX, BW, HANA etc. let me double check that it works with unx
Hello, with copy & paste now supported in the crosstab component, would you recommend it over the speadsheet component for planning scenarios? Mainly from a performance point of view. Also, are there still enhancements foreseen to the spreadsheet component in version 2.2 (or later releases)? in 2.2 the spreadhseet got no new features.  As to which is recommended... it is a question of user comfort and how important crosstab features are vs UX complexity
Solaris is an officially supported hardware platform for BIP. Any future plans to support Lumira Discovery 2.2 on Solaris? If the answer is no, what are the recommended migration options for customers who currently run Design Studio 1.6 and BIP 4.2 on Solaris to implement Lumira 2.2 Discovery features? There are no plans to support Lumira discovery on a complete Solaris deployment, the reason for that the in-memory velocity engine is not supported on that platform. Hence, only live connection based designer applications would work on such an environment. In case you intend to use discovery as well, you can host lumira server on a linux/windows node in a hetrogeneous landscape that has other nodes still running solaris.
how will the new HTML comments affect existing application that use the commentary feature No effect.  Existing editor components won't be migrated
Can the designer create these custom calculations via script? No.  😞
Is there a way to get to bookmarks without running the application first?  Perhaps a button could be added to the prompts screen that takes us to the bookmarks. Not really, though you could modularize your app into composites, so that its pre-load is very lightwieght
Is there a plan to introduce what-if analysis to take variable inputs at run-time and use them in calculations to create new columns in the data source view so they can be shown in visuals? This is one major gap in your product that other competitors offer like Power BI. This is already in SAC stories, is planned for Application Design and is being considered for Lumira Designer.
Thanks. Can we use the Lumira Discovery if we keep the Web Tier on NW Java AS on Solaris or we need to migrate it to Windows or Linux as well? Only lumira server needs to be on windows/linux. Web tier can still be on Solaris OS.
will Discovery support the display of only posted values in Input controls based on BW live BEx-Queries I do not get the question, would you be able to elaborate more on this. What do we mean here by posted values in Input controls?
Are there any reasons to choose Windows vs Linux for the Lumira node? Our BI platform is on Solaris, so it makes more sense to install the Lumira node on Linux.  Are there any Lumira features which are only available on Windows and not on Linux? Scheduling was the one that I remember was a gap till 2.1, which is now addressed with 2.2. I do not clearly remember if there are more gaps. I would recommend you check notes in PAM Lumira/SAP Lumira 2.1/SAPLUMIRA_PAM.pdf

Thank you David Stocker & Ashutosh Rastogi for this webcast.  I missed last week's session.  Are there any other sessions from last week that should be repeated as webcasts?  Please comment below.
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