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This was an ASUG webcast today given by SAP's gowdatimma.ramu with support from ashutosh.rastogi and

For reference please see What's new in SAP Lumira 1.30

Question & Answer

Q: When would we choose Lumira vs cloud for analytics

A: Lumira - For On Premise, Cloud for analytics - On Clould solution.

Q: What is the SAP migration for existing SAP LUMIRA CLOUD users who are leveraging "Anonymous Public Consumption" of Lumira Visualizations via a URL LINK.? Any other Public CLOUD model available..?

A: Migration of content is addressed in following blog -

Q: Do you have any near-future plans for the SAP Lumira server for BI Platform to support Solaris OS and Web Application Server support for SAP NetWeaver Java Application server on Solaris environment?

A: Yes, we have Plans to extend support for SAP Netweaver on Solaris. 1.30 Brings in Suse Linux and Multiple Web Application Servers on Linux and Windows

Q: Will v1.3.1 have this support

A: As of now I will not be able to confirm that however, you would see incremental support with each release.

Q: When will the GA be available for Lumira 1.30?

A: It is GA today

Q: Question was more specific to SAP LUMIRA CLOUD users who don't have/need a BI42 platform...just open CLOUD model for sharing Lumira content. Sounds like 100% loss of that Functionality a of Sept 2016.

A: I understand this to be a use case of public data. However, businesses would not be comfortable sharing their data on cloud unless they have a dedicated tenant for their group/org. Hence, Cloud for Analytics is step forward to address those use cases

Q: If moving to version 1.30 and utilizing BI platform server, what is the minimum version of BOBJ required? Can you access through the Launchpad?

A: BI4.1 SP5, 6 & 7 or BI4.2 SP2- double check the SAP PAM at

Q: Does Lumira support .unv universes?

A: Lumira support .UNX not .UNV

Q: Can we do associative analysis in Lumira like in Qlikview?

A: You may want to check SAP Predictive Analytics

Q: Is open doc available in 1.29 lumira desktop?

A: Yes, we have introduced OpenDoc on 1.29, we have also enhanced in 1.30. No, Open document links is only available for server products and not for lumira desktop.

Q: right now we are facing issues with 1.29 lumira desktop, it does not use custom access levels well. Our custom access levels are working fine with other tools in the suite WebI, Cr for Enterprise. Going to 1.30 is the security model same as other tools?

A: It should be same, could you elaborate your issues please. You could write a mail to us

Q: We have a prospect who doesn't want BOBJ and BI but want to have analytics solution as low cost solution. Could we use just Lumira server as a solution for Mid sector business?

A: You can consider using Lumira Server for Teams or Lumira server for BI Platform with BI Edge

Q: Can you save a Lumira desktop file to the BI Platform without Lumera, server for BI Platform on that server?

A: Yes, you would be able to use BI Platform as a repository in that case. However you would not be able to open those documents in launchpad

Q: can we do online connection to BW instead of acquisition?

A: For that, consider using Design Studio - that supports BW online connection - Data Discovery Template

Q: Yes we have tried server for Teams. Just want to get your confirmation Lumira server for teams can be replaced BOBJ functionality

A: Lumira server for Teams would not be able to address all use cases that are possible with lumira server for BI Platform. Scheduling, LCM etc.

Q: Is the latest version of SAP Predictive Analytics still 2.5? and does it include all the enhancements done to Lumaira 1.3

A: 2.5 is the latest for Predictive - and we have an upcoming webcast to cover that

Q: Is opendoc available ony for BW?

A: Open document link support is available for all lumira documents. Prompts and variables support in open document link is for BW, HANA and Universe only.

Q: with related to interoperability with Design Studio Is there a plan to get Velocity Engine support n Design Studio?

A: : Yes for offline connectivity options

Also see last week's SAP / SCN webcast: What's New in SAP Lumira 1.30 Question & Answer


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For more information regarding ASUG Annual Conference in May see ASUG BI Community Annual Conference Brochure

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