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Supported Plarform

  • Mobile Server for AIX
  • Windows 8
  • Internet Explorer 10
  • Microsoft Office 2013
  • ...

For full details of the supported versions of SAP and related third-party software, see the SAP Product Availability Matrix BI 4.0 SP05+:

BI Application Ehancements for 4.0 SP6

Data access

New data sources - The BI platform allows you to create connections to new data sources

  • SAP Netweaver 7.31
  • IBM DB2 Client 10.1
  • ...

Deprecated connectivities - Existing connections to the following data sources continue to work but you cannot create new connections to them:

  • DB2 for z/OS v8, DB2 UDB v8 and DB2 v9.1
  • GreenPlum 3
  • MS Access 2003, MS Excel 2003, MS SQL Server 2005
  • Progress OpenEdge 10
  • Sybase IQ 12.7 and Sybase SQL Anywhere 10

SAP Web Intelligence RESTful web service SDK

Document Management - The following document-related functions have been updated:

  • Properties
  • Styles
  • Functions
  • Operators
  • Variables
  • Alerters
  • Change tracking
  • Attachments
  • Links

Document lifecycle management - New methods and options concerning the document state and creating/managing snapshots have been added.

Report management - The following report-related functions have been updated:

  • Export
  • List
  • Drill
  • Structure

Managing data providers - The following report-related functions have been updated:

  • Data provider details
  • Mappings
  • Moving data providers
  • Flow information
  • Query specifications

Document scheduling - The following methods have been updated:

  • Add a schedule
  • Delete a schedule
  • Cancel a schedule
  • Get the list of schedules
  • Get the details of a schedule

Refreshing documents - The following methods have been updated:

  • Get the refresh parameters
  • Refresh a document
  • Cancel the refresh of a document

Managing universes - You can now getthe query capabilities of a universe.

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