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Hello Workflow Community,

My Goal here (and make it a Blog Series) is to "bring" what's new on SAP Workflow on S/4.

First of all, "calm down", Classical Workflows (as they're now called) still work on S/4 (using BOR, CL, etc.) and we got introduced to Flexible Workflows (so that the approval "process" can be configured by the business area using FIORI Apps), changing how you develop them (using TCode SWDD_SCENARIO).

This time i'm not gonna go deep in Flex WFs here, but bring you 2 "news" in the WF area on S/4.

1: CDS View I_WorkflowTask

The standard CDS View I_WorkflowTask brings you almost everything you need to know regarding Workflow Instances (as the first select is in the "old" SWWWIHEAD):

As you can see, it has several associations to other relevant WF related CDS Views (i suggest you to explore them). All are published:

Let's bring an example, of a Flexible WF Process:

ID 45103:

Association to _TaskStartEvent:

So now you can see ho technically started the WF process:

Another example, let's get a Decision Task ID:

And use the association to _TaskRecipient:

Now you can see all the users that have the Open Task on their Inboxes:

So anytime you need WF related data, don't forget about I_WorkflowTask CDS View!

2: Flexible Workflow "Technical Background":

Every time you create a Flex WF using SWDD_SCENARIO, like the one below:

It's also created:

1 - A CDS View:

2 - Table Function CDS:

2.1 - That reads data from a generated AMDP Class:

It's all automatic, for you to use as you need.

Hope you've enjoyed!

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