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Source: SAP

Link to slides are here

Source: SAP

Requirements for HANA DW

Source: SAP

Load data to Native DSO

New NDSO editor

Generated Flowgraph when execute the NDSO

Flowgraph has been "massively improved"; easy to use; complexity is reduced.

Source: SAP

Transfer or relocate hot store to warm (usually in HANA node) or move to cold storage - in XSA typically Hadoop

XS Classic can move to SAP IQ and Hadoop

New in SP04 is the DLM feature; able to combine several tables and move them at once to improve productivity

Source: SAP

Setting a column to a key value, from a source or target point of view

Source: SAP

Source: SAP

See SAP Note for release notes

Need SP04 of HANA to use

Source: SAP

Features from NDSO - SP05 simplified authorization - as soon as generate NDSO, the authorization roles are generated and can be used by calc views; no manual work required

Authorization role contains select/execute; other auths need to be manually updated

Source: SAP

Separate functionality to use to relocate from hot store (marked in red) - warm in yellow, cold in blue

In older, XSA - could only move hot store to extension nodes

Now can use multi-store tables.

Native storage extension; new possibility how data can be relocated

Source: SAP

Suggestion from a customer

Task chain - new in SP05 - if task chain had a sub chain, could not identify root-cause

Now can jump directly

Source: SAP

Release is now once a year


Q: What is investment on on-premise for SAP HANA DW?

A: Still invest in on-premise, will reduce investment, but still invest, performance improvements for NDSO and HANA DLM

Feature requests validated with other customers

More harder process

Investment is planned

Link to recording is here
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