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In this new era, everybody uses smartphones, tablets and other portable devices for their personal and business functions. To know how exactly the mobile can do business, you should get to know what 'Enterprise Mobility' is.

Simply, it’s a new way of business practice, wherein employees or users can work away from office and can access secure corporate data. This can happen with the use of mobile devices or cloud based services.

Enterprise mobility was never as complex as it is today. Business phones were once deployed and managed by companies, and apart from the usual and frequent daily calls, they were used only for checking emails. But it all got changed a few years ago when the smartphones and tablets entered the business world.

Every business has to be ‘managed’ well for a hassle free continual operation. So should be the usage of mobile and mobility in business. And there comes the role of enterprise mobility management (EMM). EMM refers to a set of technologies that is a combination of mobile device management (MDM), mobile application management (MAM) and mobile information management (MIM).

Today’s EMM solutions are very safe with tight security policies. The speed of smartphone revolution combined with the flexibility has unleashed immense value and innovative solutions to run business better and faster.

Enterprises are at the cusp of realizing the power of mobility. The future of EMM lies with Contextual EMM. This means that EMM will build up solutions with emphasis on features like position, role, type of information etc… As the trend goes like the consolidation of business activities, the true focus of EMM will be about the creation of custom native apps, improved UI changes for existing web-apps and in the long run we may expect structural changes like back end transformations with managing employee interactions or applications on a wide spectrum of devices.

Now, think beyond and innovate all the ways by which mobility can transform work in the enterprise.

In what ways do you see enterprise mobility management help support the business? What features would you require/like software vendors to develop?

Share in your ideas and thoughts!

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