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This was an SAP webcast.  Replay can be found here

Source: SAP

Short introduction

Source: SAP

Product is not available today

Announced at SAPPHIRENOW last month

Might change until product goes GA - planned around SAP TechEd time later this year

Source: SAP

A cloud native in memory warehouse managed by SAP

Software as a service, managed by SAP

Targeted to be a unified data platform - for business users and IT

Extend on-premise systems into the cloud

Implement cloud native use cases

Source: SAP

Typical data warehouse, different tasks need to be done - load data, model data, design reports, exchange or add new data sources, transformations

Typically the business user can only do so much today

Move the bar further to the right to allow business user to get the job done, analytics to provide to management and stakeholders

A place for IT - depends on use case

Divide and conquer between IT and business user

Source: SAP

Illustrate unified data platform

Designed for business, IT has a spot

Designed for outside in; start at outside, different line of business work on their own dataset, building their own datasets

Illustrated in Interaction circle

Interact with third party data

Data warehouse cloud comes in move into the circle - design, model and work on a data mart perspective; without need to move data

Connect flexibly to systems in current landscape; 'nice to integrate' in existing landscape, connect to remote systems, provide ability for LoB users to design business entities to build a semantic model

Done in a virtual environment; not move data

Provide ability for planning prediction

Add data warehouse services to environment; move to a persisted data mart - move from outer ring to inner circle

Time dependency, historical truth, aware from BW solutions

Semantic layer remain stable and exensible

Source: SAP

"provide faster time to value"

Virtualized environment with business semantic model

Mapped to data access layer

Once persist data, move data to data warehouse cloud, semantic layer remains stable, no change to stories

Map from semantic object to persisted layer

Line of business can model

Open - provide graphical modeling capability; also open for SQL scripters, to re-run SQL

Also provide API - use 3rd party tools

Provide content to integrate with SAP/nonSAP environments - free data models to provide a data foundation

Simple - data warehouse cloud comes preconfigured in a browser environment, managed for you by SAP

Flexible - integrate into existing landscapes

Elasticity - no need to have systems up and running - can decouple types of data - "spaces" - one or multiple spaces - can be assigned in memory and connect to data lake spaces (IQ in the cloud) and connect to Hadoop spaces. Can hibernate to reduce costs, spin up additional nodes

Secure - provide role based security, encryption (GDPR) built in solution, out of the box

Source: SAP

Join the beta program in July


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