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This was a SAP webcast yesterday

Usual disclaimer - anything in the future is subject to change.

Source: SAP

SAP Data Intelligence was announced at SAPPHIRENOW last month

Full release later this year

Product available later this summer

Source: SAP

SAP Data Intelligence is a cloud solution, focusing on 3 things shown above

Taking AI projects, scale to production

Extract value from distributed data (a data hub capability)

Embrace open technology - not a pure SAP technology, agnostic to infrastructure it runs on

Source: SAP

Extract data out of enterprise systems, data scientist do algorithms, lift and shifting what need, plugging into systems

Work with tools you know - JupyterLab is embedded, popular tool

Machine learning assets are a part of this

Scale up and down as need, increase/decrease as needed, runs on Kubernetes, serverless computing

Taking Leonardo ML and embed that in Data Intelligence

Source: SAP

Discover, connect data, any type of data, data cataloging, refine, reuse, cleanse, self data preparation, apply machine learning on it, govern it, and comply

Orchestrate - leave data where it is, get data, refine, correlate, place data where it needs to go

Source: SAP

Run on open source engines - R, Python, TensorFlow, container, serverless architecture

Data scientist can bring in their own models

Source: SAP

Foundation for AI assembly line - connect to many types of data, learn without programming, scale across the enterprise, govern it, how applications consume this

Source: SAP

Primary use case is data science, and other use cases, supported by metadata catalog and governance; same use cases as Data Hub, taking Data Intelligence to extend Data Hub

Source: SAP

Leonardo ML, put this into Data Intelligence, Juptyer Notebooks embedded, operationalize machine learning, check on how performing.

Source: SAP

Where SAP is heading

Data Hub can be deployed on premise - focus on complex data pipeline; can bring in machine learning artifacts, execute R and Python

Data Intelligence - taken Data Hub capabilities, Jupyter notebook design, available in SAP Cloud Platform

What will happen soon - feature hub parity between products

Data Hub - on premise

Data Intelligence - cloud

You choose what you want

Rewatch for demo at about minute 13-14.

What do you think?

Learn more at  and be sure to follow the great ginger.gatling
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