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Part 1 is here.  Part 2 covers core capabilities

Part 3 covers data source enhancements

Gregory Botticchio and Sylvain Riboud provided this ASUG webcast

The usual legal disclaimer applies that planned improvements are subject to change.

Part 4 covers from Desktop Intelligence to Web Intelligence, stability improvements and some question & answer.


Developer Support

Core Capabilities Enhancements

Data Source Support Enhancements

Desktop Intelligence to Web Intelligence

Gregory said Desktop Intelligence is not back.

Figure 1: Source: SAP

On the left of Figure 1 shows the current Desktop Intelligence features missing in Web Intelligence and reflects the current state of planning. 

Figure 2: Source: SAP

Desktop Intelligence Compatibility Pack (DCP) will provide a way to move content into BI4.1 CMC using the Upgrade Management Tool 4.1

Figure 3: Source: SAP

Figure 3 reviews how the DCP will work.

Web Intelligence Stability Improvements

First objective was to provide quality, Gregory said.

Figure 4: Source: SAP

Figure 4 shows the forward fit content plan for BI4.1

SAP worked on improving the quality.

Figure 5: Source: SAP

Ramp up is planned for May. During the ramp-up SP1 will be delivered.  Figure 5 is subject to change.

Question & Answer

Q: So does it mean any C# API we have now in XI 3.1 works in RESTFul?

                A: RESTful Web services API provided by WebI in 4.1 can be used from any languages compatible with web services. This includes C# or other language. However those APIs are new and doesn't correspond to the previous one which were limited to WebI on unv.‑


Q: some properties of a DP based on BW queries are not available in XI 3.1 SDK. Is this fixed in BI 4.1?

                A: Info available in new restful API info re: data providers - need more specifics‑


Q: Can we hide the webi application toolbar altogether through customization ?

                A: Yes, you can hide toolbars, status bar and many other parts of the GUI.‑


Q: is Windows 7 OS a supported platform for Webi 4.1 ?

                A: Windows 7 SP1 will be supported for BI 4.1.‑


Q: can we still edit the SQL in Webi manually, when required ?

                A: Yes, this is still possible‑


Q: Does 100 rows per page limit still exist?

                A: configuration inside CMC per page - yes still exists but can configure‑


Q: What is the GA for Webi 4.1?

                A: Planned ramp up for 4.1 is May and then GA depends if SAP meets their ramp-up targets.‑


Q: Is MDX being used for HANA?

                A: To access HANA, WebI 4.1 will use an authored relational universe (UNX). Accessing Hana through OLAP universe is planned for a future release.‑


Q: At Q&A - please recommend upgrade path from XI 3.1 (SP5) -- is it a new install and migration? or upgrade in place?

                A: You have a choice to do a migration/upgrade in place‑

Q: Will Free-Hand SQL be available even for BW DataProviders?

                A: No, it won't. WebI can access BW through OLAP UNV (BAPI access) or BICS. None are SQL.‑


Q: Is IE9 supported?

                A: Yes, BI 4.1 will support IE9‑


Q: Does Webi 4.1 support Java 7?

                A: BI4.1 supports Java 7‑


Our thanks to SAP for this webcast.

If you are interested in obtaining BI4.1 hands-on experience, please join ASUG for a pre-conference session on May 13th - register here:

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